How to transfer a character to a custom game and get my stash?

I want to play a mod that adds more customization options, but it requires a custom game. I used cloud saves before, so I had to move everything in my steam save folder to the local save folder. The problem with this is that my stash and all transmogs are gone. How do I fix it?

Also, is it possible to transfer mod transmogs to the base campaign? That would solve a lot of problems for me.

Are both the cloud saving options unticked? In Steam and in the ingame options menu?

Yes, and I should point out that it’s the shared stash that is reset, not the private stash.

Did you move them correctly? See this guide

powbam’s done some examples at the end of the thread.

Well, it says that you can’t copy a save from the main campaign to a custom campaign with that method. So you have to start from scratch if you want to play with mods, or is there a workaround?

I think it might be possible using GDStash, but back the character/stashes up first if you can. Otherwise, no, for mods you need to start a new character usually.

I see. Thankfully I just got a mod from a guy with the stuff I want that can be used in the main campaign, so this is no problem anymore. Thanks for your help anyway. It’s good to know how things work. :slight_smile: