How to unlock "Fort entrance locked by aetherials" in Malmouth

Hi, general question…i’ve already completed Malmouth, killed the final boss and all that, now just doing random bounties here and there and have come across this bounty “AoM [Bounty] Architects of Flesh” which leads you to this fort here Grim Dawn: AoM [Bounty] Architects of Flesh - YouTube (04:17 Minute of the video), and that fort is locked. I dont see any dangling quests that I missed (at least to my knowledge, maybe i did), so not sure how to get in that fort, and honestly i’ve come accross a few other of those forts and some were open, some still closed now and im guessing some of them get open based on decision making that you had to do while doing certain quests, but not sure. Please advise if someone remembers.

Reach honored reputation with Malmouth Resistance. Korinia then gives you a quest about this place and it gets unlocked.

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Oh, got it, thank you.