How to use Granted Skills?

Hi, first I need to tell you, I am new at this game.

I have several items that have granted skills. But I don’t know how to use granted skills. I tried to add to the skill bar at the bottom but there were no skills to add when I right clicked.

Is there any hotkey to activate these skills?

Thanks in advance.

The ones you have may be automatically should give a chance to activate when hit or when attacking, etc. only manually-activated skills can be added to the bar.

Thank you for your response.

I can’t add a picture so I will write here skills.

Reckless Guardian (%5 chance on attack)
Frenzied Roar
Elemental Seal (%5 chance on attack)
and something nova… but i can’t remember

Now I played a little bit, sometimes a monster is coming with me. I guess that %5 thing in the description is the chance of summon. I realized that.

What about the other skills? They all the same?

And one more thing. How can I understand that a granted skill is manuel or auto? I need to try to add the skill bar?

% On attack (most the time some are weapon pool skills) trigger on successful hit checks the likelihood of it going off is tied to the % chance these proc’s can in turn proc other % proc’s it can lead to some crazy fun.

If it has a % chance to activate on hit/attack/block/crit/etc you don’t need to slot it.

Thank you guys. I appreciate it.