How to work out what's an upgrade with pierce damage?

how does the pierce damage stat in character sheet work? like what is important? pierce damage or pierce modifier? like is the damage listed in pierce damage stat based off the modifier or is the pierce damage listed in the sheet before that modifier is applied?

hope that makes sense

As you can see I gain pierce damage in this change of weapons but I lose alot of modifier and idk how this all works. I suck at maths too so any complex mathy answers will go right over my head lol

To be honest both those weapons suck. Look for something like Vampiric/Puncturing of Alacrity.

OK. Now, there are two types of damage bonuses:

  • flat dmg (like “10 Piercing Damage”). It adds to your total weapon damage. You can see the total in the “Pierce damage” stat you asked about. That stat of course shows modified value.
  • %dmg (like “+100% Pierce Damage”). It adds to the “Pierce modifier” stat which in turn multiplies all pierce damage you do.

NOTE: these two stats for some reason (why, Crate?) don’t include bonuses from cunning so your actual global modifier and total weapon damage is higher than that.

Both flat and % are important for a melee build. If you’re unsure which is better in your current setup you can look at DPS on the first page of the character sheet (it included attack speed) or go to the second page an look how much dmg your LMB/RMB skills do per hit.

Unsure if you’re trying to be a troll or what? Then again just linking the image with no text it is a pretty clear troll actually. Most people know that those dps numbers aren’t accurate because it doesn’t take what build you are into account.

It’d tell a necromancer whos pets only get bonuses from pet damage that they should use a weapon that looses them 1000% pet damage because the new item has more physical damage for their melee attacks lol.

Pierce builds apparently those are inaccurate too by far because pierce damage is a different damage type to physical damage.

That’s why people use the slicers from the hive in the first place for a pierce build they have 50% armour piercing but there are items with no armour piercing that are all upgrades because those numbers say they are…

If those numbers were true I wouldn’t be asking.

modified value? you mean the Pierce Damage listed is after the Pierce Modifier has already been applied to it? if so i’d only need to care about the Pierce Damage section?

Atm my left click is shadow strike so I had to get rid of that to see info on my default attacks for when it’s on cooldown, thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile: but does the damage per hit account for everything or is it still missing some of the maths so isn’t totally accurate either?

Also yeah I know they aren’t good but I haven’t seen any good ones yet :slight_smile: I only just got to hive and haven’t had a chance to farm much yet on elite.

DPS on the character sheet accounts for Attack Speed.

Ofc. He asked about dmg per hit on LMB skill dmg breakdown.

Ahh that makes alot more sense now ty :smiley:

Shadow strike will favor the left weapon with the pierce % because of the big amount of flat damage on shadow strike.

For your overal dps the right weapon is better in every way, because the huge amount of flat damage on it, AND because it had no conversion to a type you’re not using(lightning).

So basicly, you should not be judging dps with shadow strike on your left click.

But like the other guy said, both weapons suck because they don’t have vampiric or attack speed on them. There are also weapons with skills or that compliment builds.

In that case it still factors in Attack Speed, because Attack Speed wouldn’t be a factor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was just clear that the weapon on the right just gave way more pierce damage as a bonus. This is why I cut it after X Pierce damage.

No it wasn’t clear because further down on the weapon the one on the left had +99% pierce damage while the one on the right had only +33% pierce damage :smiley: