How useful is "-X% Physique Requirement for Y"?

Since most builds that I have seen set all or most points to physique, how useful is this kind of stat? Anyone use it in your current build?
If you think is not useful, any suggestion to improve it?
For instance, this stat could always came with a +x physique, +x phsyque %, +x health or +x health% or both. So you can use this item, and set your “free points” to spirit or cunning. Or set more physique, why not?

It has its uses, but it’s probably not gonna be something most players will go looking for most of the time. The problem with mostly-Physique builds is that they require you to know almost exactly how much Cunning and Spirit you’ll need for the gear you want in advance, and as somebody who doesn’t follow build guides and constantly changes and refines my characters I find it much easier to just do a 50/50 split between Physique and whatever my damage stat is. As such, I do occasionally find myself unable to equip pieces of gear due to not putting all my points in Physique, but even then… -X% requirement gear isn’t something I’m going to go out of my way to hunt down. There’s usually another lower requirement piece of armour/weapon that’ll get the job done instead.

Probably the only one I ever really notice is -10% Cunning Requirement for Ranged Weapons, since I usually swing by the Hawk constellation on most characters. But still, it’s not something I actually need a lot of the time.

Am using one currently an item with ‘of the arcane lore suffix’ that does 12%reduction rqmts to all attributes. Very useful for purist builds:rolleyes:

There are generally two types of armors - caster gear (mid phys/mid spirit reqs) and heavy armors (very high phys req).

Stats are cheap, but stacking health is easier than stacking physique. People who use caster gears might want to use heavier armor pieces for whatever reason, and the -%phys requirement mod helps with that.

Most of the time, it isnt useful, though my Witchblade has to put 1 point into Veterancy to be able actually equip his gear (due to lack of physique).

Actually, there are 3 types - medium, heavy and caster. Medium armour pieces have lower armor, but much lower physique requirements as well.

That’s why I said “generally”. The thing is that armor types in-between heavy armors and caster armors are rare and lack the progression of the other two. You can always count on heavy/caster armor drops, the third type usually spawns as MIs/uniques. You very rarely see yellow or even non-MI green versions.