How user friendly are the modding tools?

I found TL2 Torched to be ok, though the map editor was pretty time consuming and difficult to use compared to most of it’s features…

How friendly are the tools/map editor for Grim Dawn in comparison? Is there a random or template map generator?

Maybe less friendly and more time consuming. Didn’t spend much time with the TL2 modding tools.

You can always see for yourself though, since the tools are already downloaded, unlike GUTS.

That’s unfortunate! I keep dreaming of seeing something along the lines of NWN or Warcraft3 / Starcraft 2 … GUTS/Torch ED features were fairly straight forward but the mapping tools were a pain; clunky, confusing and time consuming to do some pretty basic stuff.

Grim Dawn’s the 1st game where I ever sat down with an editor and tried to push out my own stuff. I have little to no modding experience and it only took a few hours, little effort and the thanks to the people on here posting help topics and TuT I was able to make my own items, devotions,new set bonuses and even edit skill trees. If someone like me can come along and start using it then by the weeks done have nearly a full game overhaul done I would say its quite easy lol. Give it a try take time to learn its worth it.

From what I know, the editor is easier to use than the TL editor, but less powerful.

Has anyone tackled creating maps yet then? Is there a map or template generator, or pre-designed grid rooms?

assembly required :stuck_out_tongue:
This currently applies to most of Grim Dawn’s map creating aspects. The closest thing to map templates is modifying the original maps which is limited in editability because a map decompiler would need to be made or released first.

Same here, never modded a game before, although have heavily used mods in games :slight_smile:

But in GD I really wanted to have a go at making my own mastery, It took a whole weekend for me to get my head around everything, and thanks to all the help on these forums I now have a new mastery being made on the way,

So if I can do it, anyone can :slight_smile:

So is it possible to edit the main world map of the base game in the current state of the tools ?
or even add a region to the base game ?
Is it because we don’t have the levels (.lvl) files?

If you can get past the huge amounts of BS that comes with the horrible DBReditor atm … like templates not found… and unable to even search for files error… you might be okay lol

So there is no random map generate, map templates or a way to edit or utilize the existing maps? We have to create everything from scratch completely?

Yup. No randomization - that’s the beauty behind the land of Cairn. Everything is hand crafted.

The original Grim Dawn maps can now be mangled in any way now that a map decompiler exists. Thanks to the peeps that worked on it here: