How valid is this 2 year old build - Chaos Ignaffar Deceiver

After i came back to the game, i was looking for a strong endgame viable build
that was primarely using Inquisitor as damagedealer, and found this video that
really got me interested.


So i’ve now almost reached 100, got all the pieces of the gear except the godrolled chestpiece,
and sofar i’ve been facerolling the entire content, including facetanking the Ancient one in
ugdenbog and act 4 endboss without breaking a sweat.

Grimtools .

But now since i’m approaching L100 and got all the pieces (except the armor),
i am looking more into farming either Crusible or SR. How viable is this build today ?`.

And if some changes should be made, i would appreciate the advice.

Everything is from Ashes of Malmouth. Using the new Witch Gods augments maybe you don’t need the miracle greens, though having them does still make it easier to overcap resists. For the chest, Mythical Vestments of Severed Faith is new in FG and is BiS for this build. And you don’t need the disrupt resist from the pants because of Possession, so you can swap in Demonbone instead. Ring of Basti is another piece to consider since it has useful skill bonuses, and two Voidhearts don’t increase RR more, you just need one. - chest - legs - ring

Edit: The devo path has problems too because there’s no source of flat RR. This one is a newer build with no greens, but Scales of Ulcama got massive buffs in 1.1.5, there might be a better chaos devo path that includes it instead of Revenant. [] AAR vs FoI (Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Spellbinder, Warlock) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Don’t know how exactly viable chaos FoI now since noone posted anything like that in a while, but the build you linked has some noticeable flaws.

  1. Mythical Vestment of Severed Faith and Voidsoul Armor are a thing now, no need for that green robe.
  2. There’s no point in two Voidheart, one ring should had been Mythical Combustion Band, especially since it has 3 skill bonuses that the build would use.
  3. Standard chaos devotion setup is Abomination + Dying God. There’s no point in taking Ulzuin for proc here.
  4. Inquisitor Seal being limited to 12/12 while the build takes 16/12 Arcane Empowerment is super stupid. Should had pushed the Seal to maximum and Arcane Empowerment is worth only one point in this build.
  5. Not bumping Steel Resolve to 10/10 is also pretty stupid.
  6. No point in taking Rune of Hagarrad for DA reduction since build has that effect on Intensify.
  7. Low lifesteal, could had easily picked up Revenant for 6% more.
  8. Unoptimal components, the build with low armor doesn’t really need to 100% armor absorption, that Sacred Plating in chest can easily be replaced with Sanctified Bone. Typically prismatic diamond is used in the head for it’s circuit breaker skill. Enchanted Earth in belt is just wtf, noone uses that.
  9. Probably other stuff like not bumping Sigil of Consumption higher.

Just stuff that was easy to notice. I wouldn’t judge viability of black flame FoI based on that particular build if I were you.

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Revenant didn’t exist in this form 2 years ago. A lot has changed. So in short the answer is no, the build is outdated and shouldn’t be followed since almost nothing in it is optimal anymore.

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Thanks for the help. I’ve decided to switch to this updated build .

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There are some Chaos FoI builds posted in this thread here:

Give them a look over - might help you out.