[] AAR vs FoI (Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Spellbinder, Warlock) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Do u ready? ARE U READY???

Hi guys!

Everyone waited all the week from Wednesday what happend with AAR. I tested all the week and now here it is.


:damage_aether:Spellbinder Winner
U cast RE, laser. If the mobs get u close cast siphon and devastion. Nullification if need. if u have trouble siphon, MoT, mirror and aether corruption for CD and RR. Luring with laser. Mobillity and the fact that u can be immortal without Seal or SoC.

Mage Hunter

:damage_chaos:Mage Hunter chaos (sith)
U cast seal, circle, debuff, laser. Repeat. Trouble teleport, mirror. Luring with laser. This one is more tanky thx to the circle. (Red laser YaY.)

Mage Hunter

:damage_aether:Mage Hunter aether (jedi)
U cast seal, circle, debuff, laser. Repeat. Trouble teleport, mirror. Luring with laser.


Gameplay: Piano… SoC, Debuff, laser. If the mobs get u close devastion, doom bolt. Aether corruption for nemesis and heroes. Sometimes u can cast 3 doom Bolt and 2 devastion if CD proc from the set bonus and time dilation. Trouble blood, teleport, mirror. I know i said that its not capeable, but then i realised thx to the set and offhand CoF has 34% aether RR. Still the weakest one.


:damage_chaos:Deceiver Absolute Winner (tanky)
U cast seal, SoC, circle, debuff, flame. Repeat. Trouble teleport. Use solael if u facing so much hero or nemesis. Luring with WoP. U can walk on seal, SoC, circle and vica versa. Tanky. After changing some skill point to invest SoC, it is more powerfull than before.


U cast seal, circle, debuff, flame. Repeat. Trouble teleport. Use solael if u facing so much hero or nemesis. Luring with WoP. No doubt the huge amount of RR is insane… Everything melts down.

Mage Hunter

:damage_chaos:Mage Hunter
U cast seal, circle, debuff, flame. Repeat. Trouble teleport, mirror. Luring with WoP.

Gear: Ensure you get as much spirit on items and stun resist crafts on items.

SR: I managed to do 75, but to be honest, i struggled some combination so much, that tanky build could handle way more better. All the builds capeable, but cruci still better for these.

  • Why not essence of grim dawn?
    Yeah it’s good amulet, but to be honest no resist at all that u really need it in SR… If u don’t want to go there u can change the amulet, but u lose to much resist.

  • Warlock cahos ARR, Sorcerer chaos AAR?
    First lack of RR. Second no DA, for SR without proc u need 2900+ DA.

  • Mana? Sometimes u need to drink i don’t know wich one is that bastard… I am too tired. :smiley: In most case u don’t need it.

Nullification, Mirror: After done some testing with these i say okey guys u were right nullfication a beast and the chars didn’t loose to much dmg energy regen from fabric of reality, and mental alacrity.

AAR is more better cause of the distance, (Luring, etc). Warlock still the weakest one. FoI is better to pierce through. In generaly chaos builds are way better, thx to the black flame set bonus circle gives u insane defense.


I don’t get it.
Why not attempt to boost vitality damage at least a little bit? At least with necro, who even has free vit RR in addition to aether?

Cause it’s useless, vit is the most resistant damage type and you need a LOT of rr to make it decent. Just forget about this damage it’s literally meaningless.

You’d need to sacrifice too much damage for it. And even though, you’d end up with way lower damage. AyyLmao already explained why in his comment over mine.

It’s usless. U need for that a set that support vit AAR, wich the games doesn’t have. Right now this is the best way u can do it. Still good for secondary dmg.

So, you aren’t having any vitality damage, you ignore Reap Spirit.

What’s the sacred point of wearing full Clairvoyant then?
For the sake of “700 health per 3s” proc, and permanent 10% offensive ability buff?

Isn’t just non-set full aether or full lightning AAR better than that?

Cause it’s best option that we got? Set allows you to keep AAR as long as you like thanks to proc on wand. Set bonuses are nice and proc is good.

It’s not like you had to use 100% of set to justify using it

Thanks for the testing and feedback. Very helpful.

Added warlock.

Isn’t chaos deceiver like the by far strongest FoI build currently thanks to the new weapon Solael’s Devourer?

I ranked them by how easy to do sr75, not by damage. (Survive, Piloting, Damage.) Puri is better for me. :smiley:

Thank you for doing this and reporting back.

However you dont have Chaos Warlock here - coincidence? :slight_smile: (yeah its the worst possible build/class).

Thx! Yeah, i added today the aether version wich is great, but was the hardest to play.

U need at least one class with RR for both AAR and FoI or really good set bonuses RR. (Like clair set bonus -24 rr for CoF + off hand -8 rr = -34%.) + Supporting skills. This why warlock with aether version works.

Thanks for the thread !

I’m currently leveling a chaos FOI purifier with a set up close as yours (although not as much optimised) so i’m quite happy with the result. i didn’t think it was possible to use a channeling skill with such a low energy regen but i guess the energy absorption does the trick ?

Yeah mostly, but the best way is to set done ur circle gives, -20% energy cost beside the tankines. U cast seal, circle, mines, Bwc for skelies and FoI. Try to not panic and spamming the buttons. :wink: Only use soleael if u facing more than 3 heroes, or annoying ones, like arcane, nemesis, bosses.

ok i totally forgot about this circle ability, thanks for the reminder. about the buttons i already panic just at seeing them all in GT but i’ll do my best :p:D

Man Ritual circle defensively push chaos MH to the next level.Seal+Maiven sphere and now physical res.

Then just count in ur head 1 2 3… Seal has 12 duration i think, RRs 6. WoP is ur last problem so that u can spam. In my experince, if i am finished a battle in the next i use circle for the best way and i gain back my whole energy or 75% of it. + while i running, i get back the 20 - 25%. Note that in Cruci and campaing u don’t have any energy problem. Still u can wait in SR, if u don’t want to do it in time.

Yeah and “Sith” one has a slight more chaos RR = more dmg, siths are more POWA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing the spellbinder right now and its great even with the gear i find. I took imp over bat for aether focused dmg. Unsure how helpful revenant and skeletons are. Is there nothing better? Have you looked at phoenix as a defensive option?

Phoenix is great constellation,Revenant is for flat RR provide by the skeletons.