[] AAR vs FoI (Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Spellbinder, Warlock) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Reap Spirit is terrible for non-pet builds. Even at 26 hard cap it is a DPS loss.

Guys, after done some testing with mirror and nullification, i say they are beast and the chars didn’t loose to much dmg, energy regen from fabric of reality, and mental alacrity.

I add grimmtools with nullification and mirror.

Hey,Nandi I tried chaos MH and Warlock.Both can hold their own,but MH have bigger damage,better RR and is maybe even slightly tankier than Lock.Lock is surprisingly durable,though.

Hey Nery! What’s up?

Yeah that’s true. I stated from all of them, he is the weakest one. The rr is same, 55 cahos 57 aether from just items and skills without devo. I had to sacrafice Avagrix relic for Haunt, more rr. True power is seal and circle that lock don’t have.

MH: 50% physic resist, Seal: dmg absorvation, crit dmg.
Warlock: 26% physic resist only… and piano… It is really hard to play.

Both can do 75, but u have to really lucky with warlock… i did today reaper and lucius same time and it was suprisingly good. Before that i died 2 times from reaper alone.

Frankly, i really wanted to at least 1 warlock in this thread… but warlock still an underdog here.

IMO or dunno my Foi builds are way more powa. i don’t have too much problem with them.

Why did you choose the Clairvoyant set on your Warlock? Seems to me like the Black Scorch Covenant set is far superior, especially for that mastery combo.
This is what I put together, still gathering a few missing pieces of gear (need a second Voidheart, the amulet and wouldn’t hurt if I found better rolls on the rare chest but my current one is pretty decent).
Been debating on whether to use Eldritch Pact or Eternity, the latter should give me pretty much 100% uptime of the 4-set ‘Ritual Circle’ spell but that Eldritch Pact proc and its stats are just great.

Cause RR, Clairvoyant give u 24% Aether RR for curse of frailty, the off hand gives u more 8%. That’s a total 34%.

Black flame covenent doesn’t give any cahos RR. Further more if u see reaper or grava u need to kill fast. Even with that much rr my warlock still struggled sometimes to defeat Raper if i can’t run in circle.

Warlock with blackflame for campaing still good IMO, but for SR and Cruci isn’t.

MH or Binder way more better.

But the Black Flame set does give -chaos RR, it’s on the off-hand.

Then with Voidheart & Mythical Combustion you get another 18% chaos 10% vit, further 10% chaos & vit from Symbol of Solael.
That’s -48% RR chaos (and -30% vit RR) from gear alone.

Another bonus is that you get to use Possession which adds a nice chunk of survivability and Sigil of Consumption is pretty sick as bonus sustain when they last for 8 second and have ~2 seconds CD. Not to mention the 28% phys res from the black flame set.

Wow, u are wrong, but in a good way. :smiley: U don’t really need combustion entrophy proc way more better.

20 rr from off hand.
10 rr from voidheart.
10 rr from relic.
10 rr from the components.
35 from word of pain thx to the helmet.

75 rr + 35 from devo = 110 and 25 from raises the dead proc.

Hm… I will give a try in the afternoon. THX! :cool:

Ok i didn’t notice that, but still 48% compared to others that has easily can get 75%+. IMO entropic coil far more better resist and proc then combustion. I am stritcly seapking about cruci and sr, where u have to fast to kill nemesis and bosses. I even struggled with my aether warlock to kill some bosses. I did and i felt that 20 - 30% rr deficit. Worst possible scenario is alexander with healers and traps, where u have to kite, and kill fast… or 1 counter chuba who is healing himself and u can’t stay in ur circle. Even in 1v1 combat hard to do, not mention if u agro 1 more nemesis boss that chuba heals. Dmg absorvation is good, but 4 bosses nemesis can kill u even with 43% dmg absorvation and 48% physical resist is temporarly. If the circle is on cooldown u are dead.

I can see Mage Hunter being solid considering vitality apparently not being a great damage type (never built around it so didn’t realize) since it gives chaos RR.
The % absorption from Occultist becomes counteracted by the flat one from Seal and Inquisitor without a question offers more DA, OA and crit damage.
But I also believe that the sigil is one of the stronger points of the Warlock build, being able to throw those around and leech life even whilst disabled or not casting your AAR for other reason is rather useful.

Anyway I put together my own Mage Hunter, liked some of your choices but disagreed with others.
I feel like 22/12 Disintegration is absolutely worth aiming for and increasing fire > chaos conversion is as well. Ignaffar’s Combustion is a great relic but that also makes it very hard to max disintegrate, only way would be to use 2x Voidheart but that means losing -8% chaos RR whilst only gaining 2. I believe getting close to 100% uptime on the set circle (and other less important CD’s too) should prove useful, so Eternity is probably a solid choice.

Maybe the Entropic Coil proc is really good, but on paper it seems like the chaos RR has more value. Would have to do some testing myself to determine it.

i’m starting to die on ultimate now (spellbinder). Gear is whatever i can find, but have you thought of doing 50/50 for the extra stats and picking up master of death for the OA and DA?

For MH Alex pants with disintegration bonus and Ignaffar combustion is BiS.In my tests I go for tankiness,but still reach dps of 235k with procs and 52% physical.Combine with seal and multiple sources of absorb against MQ and KraVal my health was not moving at all.

Not really. U don’t really need it. I supposed u are on ultiamte at least 70 75 lvl wich u can get the Bat, Wich gives 3% and the proc 40% ADctH.

Blades and Restless Remains gives u 8%, revanant 6%. That’s a total 17%. If u get the Time dilation and mirror and MoT, then u shouldn’t have problem to survive ulti.

If u still lack of DA u can still get Death till u can fidn the final gear.

Yeah maybe my hunt for those extra ~3 seconds CDR every ~15 seconds with Eternity is a tad autistic. With Ignaffar and Aleksander’s Legguards I get -133% Chaos RR + 25 flat, good suggestion.

He needs the conduit which adds 22% weapon damage to AAR in order to benefit from lifesteal other than the Bat proc.
My suggestion is getting a Pulsing Shard for lvling, much easier to acquire than the legendary amulets which lets you lifesteal.

So if i don’t get the amulet i didn’t benfit form the lifesteal or just form bat?

Spells/skills only benefit from ‘Attack Damage Converted to Health’ if they scale with your weapon damage. Thanks to the Conduit of Divine Whispers adding 24% weapon damage to AAR, this amulet lets you life steal with AAR. So yes, with amulet = % ADCTH works. Without it’s a worthless stat.

Bat is a proc and its own damage source so it will always steal life even if bound to a spell without weapon % damage.

But since the two amulets (Conduit and Mythical Essence of GD) can be hard to get, this leaves Pulsing Shard as the only option of life stealing with AAR whilst lvling/grinding gear.
Also both the Mythical Essence and Pulsing Shard work differently as they add life steal directly to AAR, this bonus can not be increased with the ADCTH stat

I don’t get it, why is Nullification such a great skill to soft max it? Am i missing something?

If u ever face arcane heroes when u lost all of ur buffs, (i have char that has 7+ buff) and than he kill u with 1 hit, than u faced a nullfication hero. That’s why so good.

In SR, Cruci u nullficate any nemesis and boss and that’s why u can kill them a bit easier. The best debuff in the game. Disadvantage u can’t see it did something.

U can test on reflect heroes, shield mobs u nulfficate them and it is gone.

Lesson to be learned: if you wanna kill Grava, you must play it like Grava :grava_yes:

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Why mythical codex of lies over Pulsing Shard ?