[] AAR vs FoI (Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Spellbinder, Warlock) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

12% crit
12% crit for AAR
100% Disruption Protection
-15% Aether RR (wich why i use)
-80 DA.

Hi there!, Im new here and I just stated to play as an MH AAR n got a question, is it true that while leveling it is better to play with aether damage and change to chaos dmg endgame only?

Hi! I am glad u chose my MH AAR.

Dunno. If u really want lvling a MH i would go ful word of pain (Death Sentence the less priority). I did twice. And rush through word of renwel and inqusitor seal, aura of censure.

After this get the buffs from arcanist and if u have the items just switch.

This is not fast killer, but efficeint and lazy (DoT caster), till 75 u are good after that u can chose an alternativ set till 94. On ultimate be careful, but still OP.

If you wanna lvl using AAR, which is perfectly fine now (just a little slower than Word of Pain), you should go for aether damage, yes. The switch to chaos damage only makes sense once you’ve accumulated the chaos gear. Try to get a good pulsing shard from the amalgamnation in act 3 on your journey to lvl 94.

For early leveling combination is Olexra+fireblast from component.Second best way is Words of Pain .

If you want to level with AAR, I suggest to switch around 50 or so. Also you’ll need to use Mental alacrity and components not to run out of energy. Aether is easiest damage type for gearing.

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Thnks for all ur tips guys. What are your thoughts on Deceiver FoI and MH AAR ( both chaos) gameplay wise? coz i may be wrong, but noticed both are similar in numbers analysing from grimtools

I forgot the Olexra and Fireblast.

It just how u wanna play the game that’s all. Deciver more tanky he leeches life almost with every skills.

Newbie question, why do you go 45% over maximum in the elemental resistances? Or 12% without the barrier, it seems like the augment from the boots is irrelevant. I just want to learn a little bit, thanks.

  1. In sr, 12% is joke at least u need 20% even if u got the - 8% elem rr mutators, u still have 12%. Still u can do only +10% rr but u will have some problem.
  2. Grimtools has some middle sats on items so depend on what kind of stats u have on items, that decide the augment. In this case i needed that.
  3. U won’t always stand in Inqusitor seal. Ex: U face kisen, who put down his poison totem run back but Inqusitor Seal is on CD, so ur elem resistance will be only +12% on that time.

Hey @Nandi,
First off, thank you for this beautiful comparison of different AAR versions; it really helped me with my current Crucible-worthy-Hexflame-build project/challenge! :slight_smile:

However – and please forgive my repeated nitpicking on your build guides, I do it with the best of intentions, I swear :stuck_out_tongue: – , whilst working on mentioned build of my own, I wondered:

have you ever considered using the Mark of Ulzuin medal & Mythical Aetherreach gloves on your chaos MH?

They both give flat dmg to AAR, which feels like the most superior dmg source for a channeling skill by far – the 30 points on either one translate to ~20k dps each on my current toon. Of course with the Ulzuin medal, you lose some %racial dmg* and more annoyingly, some resists; but I’d wager that you could probably solve the latter by switching out the boots, too (+2 to AAR no longer needed) & moving around some components/augments :slight_smile:

*The vit/former lightning dmg cannot be converted anymore due to the AAR transmuter, right? The game guide seems to imply that transmuter>item skill modifier, but I’m still a little uncertain on that point…

  1. U need the medal, since it gives u WD, that’s why u can life leech that much, so if that is not there one of ur defnse is gone. (U can life leech with skills that has WD.)

  2. Flat dmg does’nt work skills that has no WD. In this case i don’t know how this works, sicne the amulet give some, so that’s why i chose the gauntles. I almost see every 3 sec the bolt wich is 300 dmg that is better than 30 flat from gloves.

Further i retired from the game, so i am not inted to return back. Feel free to test the gloves.

I’m sad to hear that you retired! And sorry I bothered you then…
I hope you find another game that brings you fun again :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing your time with us!

With global flat dmg bonuses that should be true, but I always thought that skill-specific bonuses work unconditionally :thinking: (when switching to the gloves on my AAR Hexflame build I do get a significant sheet dps boost even without Conduit of Arcane Whispers, too)

But I will definitely test any alternative setups I’m curious about myself now; I just haven’t finished levelling a Mage Hunter char yet (or any other class combi involving Inquisitor for that matter :sweat_smile:), which is why I decided to ask you about this first (just in case you were still playing any of these chars from time to time)

Skill specific flats will be added to that skill yes

HI Cinder, do you mind sharing your AAR Hexflame build? Stupid dragon helped me with below theorycraft https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrDrRj2
I wonder how your version looks like.

Hi @AngmarDT! My current setup looks something like this atm. Its clear speed in Crucible 151-170 is ~7:20 on average (~7mins minimum) on 3buffs/1banner with pretty good consistency that is somewhat dependent on the skill & alertness of the pilot, though – as it definitely is a glass cannon. Sheet dps is at ~220k without Ascension.

A few notes:

  • My goal whilst building the above Hexflame caster was to find the strongest setup with AAR at its core – meaning that I mostly kept the amulet, offhand & glove slot (that could otherwise be argued about) essentially as fixed slots reserved for AAR-supporting items, thus testing the possibilities of AAR in ‘isolation’. Builds that are, by themselves, very strong and have the option to also work with a sort of Add-On-AAR like a Pyran Sorcerer like yours, were therefore not considered in my testing (–> not because they aren’t cool & viable, but due to personal preference).

  • However, as a consequence of the current strength of the Pyran set, builds utilizing this might very well be stronger than my own setup (have you tested your version in Crucible yet, @AngmarDT? Whilst I haven’t played it myself, I would still be curious about its results :stuck_out_tongue:)

    • One thing you might want to consider on your current build would be the addition of Mortars to the mix (maybe like this? OA is a bit low though, especially for a crit-strong ability like AAR…). They look just amazing with Pyran atm.

On my actual build:

  • It is a Templar, not a Sorcerer like yours (not anymore in any case, since the latter felt too squishy).
  • As you can see, I am using 2 MIs at the moment (selffound, not BiS), so you might have to adjust it in regards to your own resources. Key stats are 1. cast speed & 2. resists. % fire dmg is great but optional.
  • The Devotion setup/ devotion bindings still make me cry. After seeing your GT, I might actually try some setups with Empyrion…
  • Double Light’s Oath were chosen for +to Judgment (main AoE skill), OA, OA debuff & conversion (–>increased leech with Bat devotion).

Why do you use Enernity instead of Iskandra’s Balance?

Whilst Iskandra’s deals more dmg on paper, I felt I needed Eternity for the survivability, as it grants a much higher uptime on Ascension, Mirror & Phoenix Fire*. With my current setup, I only have to survive ~3 seconds without Mirror/Asc. online, which is also pretty awesome offensively speaking (AAR builds need to facetank to deal decent dmg, after all).

Furthermore, in combination with the belt, the -% pyhsique requirement for armor plays very nicely into my aggressive sprit-dump strategy :slight_smile:

And it also works on Judment, Meteors & Co. …

*kind of like Time Dilation works for many other OK builds.

Cinder, thanks for reply, i did not have time to test it my version yet.
Did you consider Conduit with AAR bonuses?

Yes, I did consider the Conduit; and the health/ resist bonuses on it are indeed great. The reason I chose the M. Essence of the GD was

  1. that the %WD felt like too much of a commitment to global AdctH (you need quite a lot of it to achieve decent leech with just 24% WD, which changes your whole gear/component/devotion priorities (my opinions on that would likely change, though, if I couldn’t use a Pulsing Shard for a total of 10% base AdctH on AAR), and
  2. that the 55 flat dmg (the largest possible bonus to AAR found on items, at least for fire) of the Essence seemed stronger than the added WD on Conduit (which is pretty crappy on a caster-dagger build like this).

But I might be wrong on this end; and the Conduit is definitely viable either way :wink:

Edit: This is me arguing with a Crucible-oriented, MI-reliant spec in mind, of course; for SR variants, the +3%allres are likely much more important. Also, non-MI versions might need the Conduit to fix basic resists in Crucible, too, because a Templar with an offensive devotion pathing is pretty low on those :slight_smile:

I think that in your build Essence is better than conduit too
Because you use Pulsing Shard instead of my build )