[] AAR vs FoI (Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Spellbinder, Warlock) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

It’s a pity Mythical Essence of Grim Dawn does not give Elemental damage, it could be of great help for this build (Lightning builds are going to use Aetherbold Pendant or Mythical Stormseer Sapphire in any case).

Cinder, maybe you can try blue/yellow devotion path for your templar (keeping only Solael Witchblade + Phoenix Fire) and see how it works?

Yeah, I’m actually trying to piece that together right now :smiley:

The (very rough) first draft on GT looks like this atm, but I just can’t seem to find any ways to get decent OA on it (and with our total 150%+ crit dmg on AAR, hitting at least 3k feels pretty important).

Any ideas? Maybe I’ll just search my GDIA for some Aleksander’s Legguards with Bloodletter’s/ of attack affixes… :see_no_evil:

The lack of %fire/elemental dmg on some BiS AAR gear like Essence & Aetherreach gloves is indeed somewhat unfortunate, and the very reason I opted to go for a build with 60+ points in spirit. for a non-WD caster, 2k total %fire dmg are definitely on the low end…

Conduit has no %ele dmg either, though; so these amulets are kind of evenly bad in that regard :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s hard to say where is OA, it’s all in Aether AAR builds, i guess :slight_smile: i think somebody said all builds cannot perform actually well, so perhaps the situation with fire AAR is due to fact we have only one damage type on this Skill.
By the way, is the beam actually red/orange when everything is transmuted to fire? :slight_smile:

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Malawiglenn, thanks!

So we obviously have to pay for the privilege to purge the aetherials and chthonias with fire ray :slight_smile:

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Huh, I never saw the lightning version before – that looks pretty darn cool :sunglasses:

For the Warlock version i tried to replace the Belt with the modified
Chains of Ygraad
But even if i convert 53 (with my belt) from vitality to Aether, i don’t see more damage on Sigil of consumption.
Sigil of consumption has around 1250 Vitality damage. If half of that is going to be converted to aether then the damage should be higher. I tested it full buffed on the training dummys with the GI DPS List. With and without the debuffs.

@Dirkan can you make video and GT links to build(s) and make bug report?

I am not sure if this is a bug or a missunderstanding from my side.

would still be easier to figure out what is going on if you submit GT links (perhaps a separate thread is appropriate to get more attention)


Created a Vitality/Chaos Voidsoul Deceiver build today; charsheet tells me it has the highest DPS among all my chars while crits are great and resist reduction is decent. Went to Crucible - miserable, miserable damage. Looks like Deceiver deceived me! Did you have such problems?

Not Deceiver the voidsoul set. It is so confusing the conversation on items. + converting a working skill to another and not enough support too.

I didn’t say it is not supported, it is not working.

Hm. I believed I had sufficient RR: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62ayA8m2
V: 112
C: 67
15% RR
The numbers are the max RR I can apply with all the skills/procs. Vitality is the main damage type here.
Am I wrong?

The worst was the wave 161: I could hardly kill the healers. Nemeses were all surprisingly tough too.

This is empty.

My bad)

Nor the RR either deceiver is bad, the set itself is trash that’s all like the sentinel set. U can put as many rr dmg but still won’t work.

I still can’t understand the magic of numbers here.
My charsheet tells me the DPS should be 200 or 300k (I don’t remember exactly). My DW builds with 100k kill stuff times faster.

Of course, they have WPS, but even with them they should kill as fast as the Voidsoul at best - not be TIMES faster.

Any updates to be made to aether mage hunter version? Or is it still good to roll?