[ - 1.2] C4H10O - AAR Clairvoyant Warlock [ ^o^ themed ]


Looking for the best AAR build? this is not it!
Looking for a piano AAR build with every skill being C4H10O? this is it!
Looking for a build that is way more dependent on C4H10O than Archmage Aleksander? this is it!

[1.2] SR 75-76 seems fine, Morgoneth also easier then before.

[ -] It’s easy to die to Morgoneth if you make a mistake. SR 65-66 is doable but if you want to got further, a stronger AAR build would be the obvious choice.

[ -] (the chaos version i use is way stronger with similar DMG numbers on the non AAR skills and much more on AAR, but devastation is C4H10O and not chaos so it’s not that great as this since here everything is C4H10O. But here you have to use mirror more often)

1.2 Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (changed chest augment)
Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

for more overcap on bleed or pierce change solael’s bloodbinding on pants and gloves to something different

this is where it started
AAR vs Fol by Nandi
Chaos Ray by Retal_Abuser

[1.2] Permanent Buffs + Blood of Dreeg + Clairvoyance

Amulet: No other option since it turns SoC to C4H10O
Off-Hand: best double rare i have, or use Codex of Lies no ADctH, or Pulsing Shard as good as you can get.
Medal: That’s the double rare i have, maybe there is one that would be better ?
Belt: Turning fire dmg from devastation to C4H10O
Relic: No haunt, enough piano
Boots: for Stun res.
Gloves: BiS?
Rings: i assume still BiS?
Pants: Step 1 Pants, Step 2 ?, Step 3 Profit

Based on “see credits above” suggestions welcome.

Non AAR dmg numbers: (

Bouns Chaos Version: Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


in .98 SR 75-76 was a pain with this build and i only did 65-66 runs. only did one run at this point, so grain of salt, but i would consider it now ok for 75-76.

also used a fleshwarped tome instead of the shard, double rare tome vs non double rare shard, tome with more vit to aether and stronger sigil, need to compare at some point…

edit: changed chest augment