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its great if you’re happy to start fighting a celestial today and finish the fight tomorrow.

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What Celestial?

  • Lokarr ~ 30 seconds.
  • Morgoneth ~ 40 seconds.
  • Mogdrogen ~3 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Clones of Bourbon ~2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Ravager ~3 minutes 10 seconds.
  • Callagadra ~7 minutes 10 seconds (there was no day/night change in the video).
  • Crate ~1 minute.

Believe me, not everything must be Sonic-like.


Pardon me but some of those times are :yawning_face:. I believe its normal that all builds share a common line if build properly.

Of course they are, with my casual skills. Even then calling them “start today - finish tomorrow” is such an exaggeration.

This reminds me of a small critique of Diviner.

It has nice pet bonuses, but not good player bonuses, as 2 piece have either aether or vitality damage. That is actually detrimental to both player and hybrid builds. It doesn’t matter for a full pet build, even if that full-pet build decides to pick some player skill by accident :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. The % damage will still be ~1k.

All Diviner pieces should have both % aether and % vit. So this means chest and shoulder.

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Ravager time may look long comparing to auto-attacking/chanelling/face-tanking builds, but all the rest are pretty solid, ok somebody can kill Crate in 25-30 secons, but 1 min is still pretty decent.

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Honestly, the celestial buff is a weird thing to ask but I feel like in order to feel powerful, we need powerful foes. Unless they have been quietly buffed from time to time, a little more significant wouldn’t hurt. They are celestials after all… and I really like that :banana: idea.

In the world of Cairn, there are a lot of broken bridges, rock-blocked paths or disconnected areas. The map shows them all…

Suggestion: If any of those broken bridges, rock-blocked paths or disconnected areas are approached from the “other side” (later in the game), ALL OF THEM COULD BE REPAIRED or BLOWN UP, so the world is MORE CONNECTED AGAIN.


That just makes it like Last Epoch where resistances mean nothing and you get 2HKO’d by a tertiary attack instead of actually focusing on the main mechanics of the boss fight. The damage is fine (I haven’t even killed Callagdra yet, I know it does even more damage than Ravager, which is hard enough for most builds). We need good DPS + tankiness checks in the game and these bosses are great examples of those. Please don’t make them worse by arbitrarily adding OHKO abilities to them.

As for Reap Spirit, the bigger issue is that it’s a combined direct damage + DoT skill that forces you to combine two very unsynergetic types in Aether and Vitality. Vitality Decay is an awful damage type to maximize for, so you’re left with an uninspiring Aether damage component. I like the skill cooldown mod for it, but for Clairvoyant, you’re using AAR 99% of the time and only using Reap Spirit to proc devotions or something like that.

Though it would make for an interesting experiment to see what happens if you double AAR damage while removing the leech from it and buffing the Clairvoyant heals like we mentioned in the “remove leech from everything that doesn’t require it” section. I mean we already have Drain Essence for “channeled skill that heals,” why not make AAR a certifiable nuke that’s sustained by Claivoyant set procs?


Yeah, we can also make, say, Homestead dummy do X dps of random elements to the attacker. Will be very close to what Ravager, Calla and Mog are now.

A boss fight should be a boss fight, a challenge, a skill/knowledge check. Not a stat check. You can’t “focus on the mechanics” if the majority of them are nearly unavoidable dmg income.


Addendum to my post:


Is this like a real thing that is going to occur or an idle threat? Serious question.

Doesn’t anyone else here feel that everything based on a time metric is just the wrong direction or am I just stupid?

Fundamentally what is a super/uber boss suppose to do/be when a player finally gets there? I am sure that during development of there said boss it wasn’t “I think when a player gets there, they should just be able to face tank it, yeah sounds good…”

Man, I clicked on your guide that you linked earlier and than you say literally this:

So build does not have “great aoe clearing speed” (spoiler: SR is oftentimes cleared faster by single target damage monsters), all right, and then you, yourself again say this

That’s a very slow Ravager kill for a synergetic build with a dedicated items and massive items support. Now given that yours was not assembled optimally and real timer is between 1:50 and 2:20 depending on the flavour of the spec it’s still a pretty mediocre time.

I am all for buffing Diviner :yum:

Have you read my post? It was about Celestials, not SR.

I kinda agree here. I think Zantai might be watching our videos a bit too much thinking that Ravager boss is some kind of a pushover facetankable by any build and any player. When in reality if you don’t have gear or you are not consulting with the internet and copying top20 builds Ravager is extremely hard. Nigh impossible if you chose to play some kind of caster.

On the other hand if Zantai makes Ravager or Mogdrogen fight really exciting we can check our single target dps versus anything else, like literally the dummy or Kra’vall or whatever.

meanwhile, anyone remembers this weapon:

I remember it has been useless forever (and it was introduced into the game before monster infrequents were so strong). And what does it offer nowadays? A weird split damage base and half of the global conversion, some really outdated mods a bonus to OFF for some reason. I think this one needs a total overhaul, maybe someone can suggest some fun mod ideas to it.


Yes, and it’s slow against Celestials which you yourself showed in your example.

Then why mentioning SR, what is the connection? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Connection is that you were implying that it’s somehow not slow while your own guide for it literally says it’s slow in SR 75-76. And you erroneously explained it that it’s because of AoE. And as I said before it’s actually single target damage monsters that go fast in SR as compared to aoe heavy builds.

Again, I answered about “slow” Celestials killtime to Roman. You quoted it first, but actually implied my post above and took slow SR run from build topic to make connection? What a weird logic, to be honest. Nothing more to add.