[] Chaos Ray Warlock (SR 100, 4:48 Fastest Crucible, Crate, Callagadra, Ravager of Minds)

Hello everyone, since AAR is still strong after the nerfs, I decided to revisit one of my older builds, which is Chaos Ray Warlock. After some tuning, the build turnt out better than I expected, so here it is.

craft for stun res Updated Hourglass version
Generic well all around Version
Slightly altered with less DA, but more damage
Tankier Version with Hourglass ( use Ravager’s Eye augments for Callagadra)
Glassified Crucible Version

You need DA and Stun reduction on the pants, if you don’t have a good one use Demonbone Legplates as a place holder. Rest of the gear is BiS



Pretty simple, you kill trash mobs with AAR and Sigils and cast Ritual circles/Doom bolt/Devastation against bosses.

VIDEOS SR 100 Bosses: Crucible run with Aeon spec: Callagadra kill with Aeon spec ( use some pierce res augments):

SR 100 Bosses:

4:48 Crucible run:

Crate of Entertainment kill:

SR 80 Bosses:
Chaos AAR Warlock SR 80 Boss room - YouTube
SR 90 Bosses with Aeon spec:
Chaos AAR Warlock ( Aeon spec) SR 90 Boss room - YouTube
5:01 Crucible run:
Chaos AAR Warlock (Glassified) Crucible 4/3 - YouTube
5:13 Crucible with Glassified spec:
Chaos AAR Warlock (Glassified) Crucible 4/3 - YouTube
5:51 Crucible with a Mixed version:
Chaos AAR Warlock Crucible 151-170 - YouTube
Callagadra with Aeon spec and pharma:
Chaos AAR Warlock vs Callagadra ( Aeon spec) - YouTube
Ravager of Minds with pharma:
Chaos AAR Warlock Abomination spec vs Ravager of Minds - YouTube


All in all, this build can dish out a good amount of damage, even the non glassified versions can. Still one of my favourite AAR builds. Credits to @Nery, @Willnoword, @KoS9K, @Duchy for their versions (sorry if I missed anyone) and to @mad_lee for suggesting different components/augments and skill point allocation. See you next decade.


I also have a version which uses gazerman chest for the memes that can do 5:40ish crucible.


Amazing build i wonder which is better chaos warlock aar or mage hunter :thinking:

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I think @plasmodermic’s Chaos Sorc is still the fastest , dunno about MH’s performance with chaos. This one can definetely go deeper in SR, at least.

You are still going with the gazer meme? LOL

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uhm… i don’t think that i have chaos sorc…

I guess it was plasmo then, mb.

Really impresive results, congratz!
regarding this build though: is there any way to convert lightning to chaos? because with this medal you lose a plenty of damage.

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Lightning gets converted from the transmuter to vit anyways, so I don’t think there is, unless i use blood orb

oh, my bad, i didn’t notice the transmuter.
so AAR is 100% chaos, right?

The aether and fire side, yes. Lightning is not.

Great Callagadra fight :+1:.

I have one question. How did you get 203077 DPS for AAR with your build? For example, here is my Warlock with permabuffs and Blood of Dreeg active.
2735% Chaos Damage, full AAR line, 200% CS, even more Spirit. Still, no such DPS as yours. What do I miss?

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30 Flat fire dmg to AAR that gets converted to chaos (medal), I would imagine. And thanks.

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Yes, it seems so. Checked Ulzuin medal in-game, almost 4.000 DPS higher than Rylok Mark. Thank you for the answer.

Clever medal choice and great results, congrats :+1:

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To go for quasi-full chaos damage on AAR you need myth blood orb and something like mantle of the black flame + spark of reality to convert the aether component of the skill.

Nice spec, man. I would consider using Coven’s augments for weapon and off-hand - might be the same ehp as Ravager’s Eye but more damage. Also I am not sure about Arcane Spark, seems like most of its value is lost so it’s just for pure OA, surely stuff like Ruby, Heart or even Attuned Lodestone would have a bit more value. Also, overcapping Fabric of Reality seems to be more valuable than Second Rite. Maybe one Topaz instead of Crystal too. Also, Sigil is worth softcapping for radius and adtch.

But overall, solid spec, smart move with the medal.

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Are you talking about the first grim tools, cause replacing Eye there makes me lose 100 DA, that can partially get fixed with runebound topaz on the medal. I do agree that Fabric is better than Second Rite, didn’t notice it until you mentioned it. Build already has damage reduction so lodestone doesn’t really provide much either. Sigil at soft cap gives 2% more adtch and 0.3 meter range, so I don’t think it’s that worth it.

Yep, first GT. You do lose DA but gain hp and a bit more damage. Might be the same survivability with higher damage in the end.

Yeah, but Spark gives literally nothing but OA here. Lodestone got 18 less OA but 5% crit and a proc. Ruby gives massive hp and lets you cap slow res. Tainted Heart boosts your crit and gives a bit more of Aether overcap (never a bad thing as long as there is Anasteria in the game).

Yeah, but that feels like a better investment still than for example BoD overcap.

something like this then: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EaP8v2
it’s just a glassy scratch, not a “real” build.

I completely forgot that Possession has skill disruption, so tainted heart/topaz/ruby are better. Could also change skill points for sure, but the build doesn’t have dmg issues really, so having some extra DA to avoid crits is something that I prefer. The build is tanky anyways.