How would you level up HC Purifier (Demo+Ilu)

I wanted to try Stun Jacks Purifier on HC. How would you level it up?

I would like to start with inquisitor (never played this class before)…

I will be greatful for any tips.
Take Care!

I’d like to help you, but sadly I don’t have a class like that :rolleyes:

Jokes aside, I don’t think you can go wrong with levelling as an inquisitor.

EDIT: except Stormbox. Stormbox is horrible in the beginning.

LOL :slight_smile: So inquisitor is so OP now that I don’t need any specific leveling route, right?

Not quite. More like many levelling routes are viable. You can just max Ranged Expertise in the beginning and it’ll carry you to 50 mastery bar, where you further increase your damage by getting Conviction. Or you can focus on Word of Pain skill path and it’ll also carry you easily. Then if you feel like you start killing too slow you can switch into maxed Rune of Hagarrad + Artifact Handling and it’ll carry you through the whole game without any extra skills. Or you can try Flames of Ignaffar with Inquisitor’s Seal and Aura of Censure, although in this case you need to have some energy management experience. The only thing I didn’t try to level with is Rune of Kalastor, but I heard it’s pretty decent too.

Inquisitor is an OK class for HC due to Inquisitor’s Seal and Aura of Censure, which cut incoming damage a great deal, allowing an otherwise pretty squishy class to facetank stuff. Inquisitor’s problem is being very skill point starved as well as lack of OA.

Ranged complimented by Word of Pain works great at lower levels. Then rush to the seal and censure. Pull WoP when it starts to feel weak. Get the seal asap as it trivializes 95% main game content.

Depends on how early you’re talking. Storm Box is great when you start pumping points into Lightning Tether and get ahold of an Overseer Eye for another free +3.

I always leveled an inquisitor using word of pain skill tree. Using the general rule of 1 to skill and 2 to mastery for each level.
At first try to add point to word of pain. Then after you reach word of agony, put point on there instead. Then after you reach death sentence, put the point there. Then after you reach aura of censure, put point there. Do this until you max all WoP skill line and aura of censure with priority on the latter. Adjust if necessary.

For devo, pick quill first, then hawk, then rhowan’s crown. Bind elemental storm to WoP. It will be smooth sailing from there. For single target damage, use fissure or elemental seeker bind to storm box of elgoloth + lightning tether.

Thanks to all of you. I will go WoP route.

Word of pain is lackluster. mortar trap with the meteor (Ulzuin’s Torch) bound to it and using on hit items got me to 90 in HC as a single mastery demo.

I’ve leveled multiple Purifiers, not a fan or rune leveling thoug some folks swear by it.

Mortar trap wont be the fastest, but its decent, very safe, and lazy af.

Yeah, but I don’t want to level up demo. I know this class already. I wanted to level up inquisitor just to learn smth about it (never touched this class before).