How would you utilize dagger like this?

Something like this dropped for me today:

The question is… how would you utilize this item?

Lightning Saboteur or Lightning Elementalist (DW in both cases)

Interesting, I thought about it more like a caster thing… But i don’t have any experiance with DW chars…

Suited for elementalist build based on stanjacks

I’d only use this for stunjacks

Lightning daggers are good for lightning dw melee, but you really really want attack speed not cast speed.

Stormcharged of Winds has attack speed

I was thinking about stunjacks + tss build but DW idea is interesting… But as TomoDaK mentioned… There is no attack speed on this dagger…

“of Winds” has attack speed, unless they changed it

‘Of shattering’ has attack speed. There’s no 'of winds ’ suffix anymore. Anyway my dagger is ‘of the sage’… So maybe it could also work for panetti’s RM? Stunjacks + panetti’s RM could work? :wink:

Of Sage :eek:

Damn i need to pay more attention

SJ is the only way imo. TSS and PRM have better options

My bad i meant “of the Wind” yellow suffix

How about 'dis one? :smiley:

One affix is not good enough to use