Howl of Mogdrogen Devotion Skill

I’m wondering how the Reduced Defensive Ability on this proc works.

If my memory serve me right the proc give a flat reduction that don’t stack with other sources similarly worded, as only the highest will be accounted.

Is this the case? I thought if it comes from different sources it would stack. :confused:

When duration on reduced “something” is shown explicitily (like, reduced OA for X seconds), it means that this effect puts a separate debuff, that reduces that stat. All those debuffs for same stats are considered the same source (because it;s same debuff.

Okay, I have:

  • Howl of Mogdrogen (-132 DA)
  • Seal of Annihilation (-70 DA)

Stack or not?

Same with -OA:

  • Seal of Annihilation (-70 OA)
  • Rend (-150 OA)
  • Veil of Shadow (-130 OA)

Which one stack?

@ Rhylthar - everything stacks in your case. Howl of Mogdrogen does e.g. not stack with Scorpion Sting.

If the tooltip is written like this, then only the highest effect is taken into account:

  1. n Reduced Target’s stat for x Seconds
  2. n% Reduced Target’s stat for x Seconds

Please note these are different debuffs, so debuff #1 stacks with debuff #2. But #1 does not stack #1 and #2 not with #2.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I should probably have fleshed out my question more but I’m more interested in how this debuff is applied, is it while I have the buff any attack I use will have a 15% chance to reduce DA or just specific actions or something else entirely?

I think the chance to debuff your enemies here only applies to your direct weapon attacks and skills which have a %weapon damage stat. Someone correct me, if I am wrong, please.

Nothing to correct, he’s right.