HowTo implement a new pfx?

I want to make a blue Vire’sMight trail, and I cannot seem to achieve it:

  • I open the PSEditor, and load “pfx_viremight_firetrail_01.pfx”
  • I change the color and save it.
  • I open AssetManager and BEFORE I open a new mod, I navigate through “Source/Particlesystems/…” to my new .pfx-file.
  • I right-click it and chose “Auto-create Asset” (cause that´s what I was reading somewhere)
  • I make a new mod, implementing records/fx/skillclass09/viremight_firetrail01_fx.dbr.
  • I doubleclick it, opening the dbr editor, changing the path under “effect” to to the path leading to my new file.
  • I start the game with the mod, but:
    Vire’sMight’s trail is gone completely.

What do I do wrong?

I think you are trying to edit the basegame which will lead to missing skill effect as you encounter it. You have to IMPORT the needed file to a new mod, your own mod, and make the adjustments in this new, your own mod. Do not touch the basegamefiles at all for this. BEFORE you do this, you have to redownload and reUNpack the game i guess, as the change you made to Vire Might will mess it up again down the line, as you have to grab the ORIGINAL file. Hope this helps.

Sidenote: You can COPY all needed pfx-files for edit to “…/GrimDawn/source” → this path can be opened with the PSEditor to edit files aswell. If the folder is not present, simply create it. After edit you can simply copy that file to your modstructure. If you only want to exchange this particular file, your modstrucure MUST be equal to the basegamestructure (filestructures).


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Sorry, maybe that wasnt too clear:
I edited firetrail.pfx and saved it UNDER A NEW NAME. Lets say bluetrail.pfx.
I then auto-created bluetrail.pfx, as mentioned above.

I indeed made a new mod then, assigning bluetrail.pfx to viresmight-firetrail.dbr.
And ran. And Vires effect is gone.
Running without the mod results in a good old vanilla vires might ofc.

I think you have to add all needed files from that classskill that are linked to eachother, as this class is a GDX2 class the game will not automatically recognize it as basegame files and will show nothing when not everything is in your mod that is needed for this change. Also a pfx-file can contain various needed files like shaders that you might want to add to your mod to make this work.
EDIT: really important are the paths to be correct, on the other hand you can also compare the filesize of the output pfx file, to check if something could have gone wrong on building that pfx.

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Did you do both database->build
And archive->build

In AssetManager?
There I do Build → Build, as with all my mods so far. You mean smth else, right … ?

Ah, now i see what you mean.
An additional template.arc is being generated.
I copy that next to the data base spot (hard modding) and:

same bad result.

Then I would say either you are
messing up the path to the pfx file,
forgetting to move the .arc file for your hard mod, or pfx is not working - unlikely if you see it in the pfxeditor

One question to that:

In the DBR editor, I edit viremight_firetrail01_fx.dbr.
I then chose the “effect file”. There`s no drop down, just pure typing the path (fx/particlesystems/skillsclass…). → Is it important WHERE in the file tree I place and chose my new .pfx file?

I´m asking because originally (vanilla), the original .pfx was chosen from …particlesystems/skillsclass09… of course.
Since I cannot find that folder in a file browser, I simply placed (and chose from) my new .pfx in …particlesystems/skillclass06. (In the file browser, I see only skillclass 01 - 06)

Yes, I initially added my additional browse directories, etc… And DATABASE → IMPORT grants me access to gdx1 and gdx2 stuff.

you simply create that folder “particlesystems/skillsclass09” in your mod, add the files there and build it, YES it has to be EXACTLY the same paths AND filenames if you try to EXCHANGE ANYTHING in the gamefiles, also via a hardmod i suppose :slight_smile: the reason you do not find it in your “file browser” does not mean it isn’t there. i have this aswell but i have created myself a “desktop-structure” where i copied EVERYTHING → create folder, copy basegame records + resources into it, then copy over GDX1 + GDX2 (in that order) records + resources to have “complete” structure where you can check this given issue easily, simply remember it HAS to match the gamestructure.

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