hp bar over head, and other things

I would like have option to turn on HP bar over monsters head. Also would be nice if we could see a player name above champion. lot of time i can’t recognize my ally between enemy.
next thing-MAP. if i already reveal whole map or some arena. I would like to see all entrance to cave and stuff. same with my ally. Green dot disappear after my ally move away just a few steps. I would like to see that dat all the time, and if ally walks into cave i would like to map tell me that.

can u add option to turn off camera lock ? i dont like see my champion all the time in a center. I wanna option to move camera, so i can set my champion at bottom of the screen and then lock camera. it would be cool.

sorry for my poor english. GL & HF

I agree with everything you said except for the camera part which I find kinda weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here i agree with everythink but camera locking.

well. camera lock is optional. if u dont wanna change it, then you wont

+1 to all these options!

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I think this is the stuff mods are for! :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to mods that will update the UI, I personally want my own health and energy bars nearer the middle of the screen (low opacity) so I can keep my eye’s there instead of looking down at my health bar all the time.