Hunter Cabin Bug Possibly - 0.7.6

I think this is a possible bug. I’m not using any mods. When I load my game the hunters are all milling around their hunting shack but their label says they are hunting. Then you get the red icon above the shack saying no deer has been found for quite a while. Once you click on each hunter shack the hunters then move off to hunt deer. Linked is a short video showing the problem. Cheers.

Link to video


Loaded my game up again and the same thing happened again.

Can you share the save that repro’s this issue? Thanks.

Had this happen before but couldn’t reproduce it.

Hi Zantai, I close the game and reloaded the save game file just to double check and it happened again. Just speed up the game and wait for a while and you will see the hunters start milling around the shacks. Cheers.

Save game file

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This also happens to me every time.

This has continued happening to me over several re-starts. Moving the hunter’s cabin fixed 2 of them, but not my other 2. I have manually set all of their worked areas to be sure there’s plenty of animals in them.

I would also need the respective .map file to check it out, thanks!

Hi Zantai, Unfortunately I deleted the save game before I saw your message. When it happens again in my new game I will post it with the map file. Cheers.

Hi @Zantai,

here is my save to debug.

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Can you describe the issue you are having?

From looking at your save, you do seem to be overhunting quite a bit.

Hunters even have a designated hunting spot, they stay next to their building hunting and don’t go to the hunting spot. This is only for Lv1 hunting builds. Same as the video posted by @rhygar on first post on this thread. About a overhunting I know, but I still doing it to do some tests. But the important thing is that the hunters are close to their buildings and do not go hunting

Hi, were any of these hunters L2 by any chance? I tested this and all My 4 hunters stopped hunting temporarily when i upgraded just one of them with traps. When i Reset the «work Circle», they started again. It has nothing to do with depleting the herd or anything like that, it’s a bug :slight_smile:

They were all level 1 hunting cabins for me.

HI Zantai, it happened again on my new game. I have uploaded the whole save game folder. Load up the Netherwood 3 save file. Put it on 3x speed and wait for 3-4 mins. You should see the hunters milling around the cabin. Once you click on each cabin they they go off to hunt and it is fine for the rest of the session. I have to do this every time I load the save game.

My guess is that after loading the save file, the game doesn’t set the work area for the hunter cabin and once you click on each cabin it then sets the work area and then they go off to hunt. Just a guess though.

Got a repro with that save, thanks!

Hi Zantai, looks like this bug has been fixed in V8.0. I have loaded multiple save files and it hasn’t ocurred.

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