Hunter; Cultist of the Mad Queen - 150-160 Glad Crucible with Buffs [vid]


A scout for the Cult of Dreeg spent time in the wilderness studying and adapting the attack patterns of the Mad Queen Rashalga. This is a highly mobile, vicious and primal acid/poison Witch Hunter with strong single target DPS, decent survivability, and decent AOE damage.


Originally I was hoping to get the Armor of the Three on this build, but I couldn’t get the physique high enough without too much cost. Here are some summaries of the builds’ strengths and weaknesses:


The build is lacking in resistance overcaps, but utilises damage absorption, high physical resist (48%), evasion, decent regeneration, damage absorption, and multiple sources of life-leech to keep it alive. However, I believe the motto “A good offense is a good defense” rings true with this build; it kills enemies quite fast, before they can stack up their damage. The build has very high attack speed, allowing many of it’s offensive procs to trigger quickly. Confuse from Tainted Eruption devotion proc also helps to scatter and disperse trash mob damage.


Having two mobility skills allows the build to be strategic - You can single out a target in the crowd, rush in to drop dots and deal damage before very quickly moving out of the crowd again as to avoid being surrounded. This makes for an ideal ‘assassin’ playstyle. It also helps to ‘dot and kite’ during particularly difficult fights.


For healing you have a resting regen of 702 (often around 900 with Field Medicine medal proc), 1728 with proc buffs. 2x Mad Queen’s Bite, 70% Attack Damage converted to Health on Belgothian’s Sheers, 9% Life Steal and Twin Fangs all help to keep your health high. I’ve assigned Giant’s Blood to Dreeg’s Command (helmet low HP damage absorption proc). These two skills combined act as a fantastic circuit breaker, and ensures that Giant’s Blood only procs when you need it to; it’s not wasted on trash mobs that don’t hurt you enough to warrant it.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Color me intrigued. But you should finish assigning those last few points, and you should tag it so people can find it by searching.

Also, if you entertain any hopes of getting into the build compendium, you’ll need a screenshot of the stats/gear for in case GT goes down.

Well, congrats on your first build. Some things that are debatable:

  • health regen - totally unnecessary on builds with weapon dmg
  • skill point starvation - Deathstalker is cool but you need to stomach Serenity there or at least Nidalla. You got no ABB, no RoS for the fumble, Execution seems totally out of your reach, and these are melee nightblade fundamentals. Also, why that chest? If you insist on using this set (it’s not for melee btw) then use it whole. +2 to mastery is too good to skip.
  • Yugol just got dmg redux. Not taking it is criminal. Actually it was criminal even before the redux due to adcth. Forget Manticore and other such crap. Also, you gotta have a very good reason not to take Ghoul.
  • zero slowres on melee = about -30% total dmg on the average
  • Amarasta’s Quick Cut is a must on acid especially when you decided to max NHH. Why even max NHH if you’re not using one of the three wps it modifies?
  • That medal is profanity. It’s a crime. Crate should terminate User Agreement with you because of that. :wink:

:roll_eyes: If you are not a GD-stasher and that is what you have, it’s ok. Jeez. Some of this game is making do with what comes your way. This is a good representation of a concept as opposed to a perfect itemization.

There’s a magi ring, and that’s one of the heaviest grinds in the game. So, GD Stash or not, it can’t be because of lack of gear either way.

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Care to show us how it should be done? :smiley:

Hey! Thanks for the thoughts.

-Health regen is something I like, it means I can be healing between fights, and I’m not glued to hitting an opponent. I really like the heal proc of the medal just to keep that little bit of extra tankiness and sustain in the build. I think this is also why I didn’t feel the need to take ghoul; other healing elements combined with an already decent physical resist seemed like ghoul would still be a good choice, but not an absolutely necessary one.

-Yugol? Do you mean the relic, the devotion or the ring? For damage reduction, that is… I don’t see damage reduction on GT, or has it been recently updated?

-Manticore for the resistance reduction seems quite helpful to boost damage output further?

-Good point about the slow res, I hadn’t considered the damage loss from slow…

-I specifically didn’t choose Amarasta’s because I didn’t want it to compete for proc chance with the other two significantly more buffed decisions.

-Execution is obviously a fantastic skill, but I felt that the damage output of this character would be quite good, and reaching it with skillpoints would sacrifice way too many other things that helped to keep the build balanced…

-Fumble chance is also important, and switching medal to get that fumble proc would be really beneficial to this build - I agree!

This is also correct - The build that I’ve created is not intended to be the perfect min-maxed DPS (although it’s always good to learn how to get closer toward that goal), but a fun to play and functional concept build, I suppose :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips!

I’m new to the forums - what sorts of tags should I include, and do I put them in the title?

You mean Amarata’s Quick Cut (AQC)? It does not compete with anything unless the total chance of all your weapon pool skills (wps) is over 100%. On your build, it’s sitting at 40% (Belgo Shears and Whirling Death), Nidalla’s Hidden Hand (NHH) boosts the first 3 wps, it’s not a proc. Moreover, AQC has three hits and NHH bonuses apply to every hit separately so they are in fact tripled.

I mean the devotion. GT isn’t updated.

Matter of taste but on a good melee build two melee hits (with 4 hits a second) would heal you better than that proc (once in 6 seconds). Plus the backbone of regen is Behemoth, and you got no cdr, which makes it just 10 second every 25 seconds which is very very shite.

Yes. But no-one ever takes it since you got only 3rr less on Revenant which has much better spread. Zantai was supposed to fix Manticore, and there were entire threads about it, but he just slapped physres, rounded up dmg numbers on the proc and called it a day. Revenant was nerfed a lot but it still makes Manticore crap. Reason is proc chance is too low with acid builds generally not having good proccing skills, and AoE is also weird with the cone shape.

It’s not polished but this is how it’d look like more or less provided I was to stick to this set: with the three crafts - helmet, medal and ring - all slowres.

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An Occultist build that doesn’t lose all of it’s acid & poison resist if you forget to renew BoD/Bod gets nullified?

“And that’s when I heard the angels.”

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Thanks so much for taking the time to explain and provide some tweaks in a GT… I can see that the build will have so much more damage output!

All of your reasoning makes sense. Would you consider using Myth. Mark of the Forbidden for fumble/impaired aim to more enemies? Or do you feel it’s unnecessary with Circle Slaughter?

Would you be worried about low stun resist on the build if it relies on ADCTH?

One or the other. But I like RoS because it has the same cooldown as Tainted Eruption and makes for a good proccer on it with 50+% chance per enemy hit. And I don’t like Forbidden medal. Most of its bonuses are for oathkeeper (and even then it’s worse than Lethal Intents imo) and vitality conjurer.

Yeah but only in SR80+ or naked Crucible. Acid just doesn’t have it. Not on gear, not on devo path. Gotta live with it. Btw stuntes in one of the good things Z could’ve added to Manticore but didn’t.

Sorry, I didn’t notice this earlier.

The most basic tags would be the class/mastery tags found in the table @ Build Compendiums. Just include the tags for Witch Hunter, Occultist, and Nightblade to start.

There should be a place for “optional tags” and that’s where you’d put them.

Even if you don’t intend to apply to the build compendium, having even just Witch Hunter tagged would make it easier for people to find your build later.

Edit: Quote from eisprinzessin “Minister of Information” in the Build Compendium:

“As thread owner you can add up to five tags to your initial post. In addition to the class you can specify damage types, play-style and other descriptors. Forum regulars can create new tags, but activity before the forum overhaul in June 2019 will not be taken into account. PM me, if you miss a tag and cannot create it yourself.”