Hunter Lodge - Tier 2

This is regarding Tier 2 when traps are available.

  1. After changing hunting area (Retarget Work Radius), the already set traps stay in the previous location, and hunter do not change them to the new location. So, it keeps going to check them. Not sure whether it is supposed to be like that? On the one hand it allows to have separate hunting area from trapping area. On the other hand, it is confusing if you do not know that.
  2. Although traps are set to be 0, it happens with some hunter lodges that not all traps are collected if they were set, or at least one trap is set although it was never indicated to be set in the first place.
  3. When the higher number of traps is set, the hunter keeps checking the traps and do not even attempt to hunt, though animals are in the range.
  • There was an issue. The hunter was going to bring meat out of the lodge, but then got stuck in front of it. So there was flickering notification above the lodge that storage is full and the hunter leaving and entering the lodge. I had to set occupancy to 0 and then again to 1 to solve this issue.
  • In case traps are set in the area where cattle is grazing, maybe it should conclude in injuring some of them.

The traps remaining is a known issue and they’re working on it.

Thanks for this. I’ve been debating upgrading my hunters to T2, u but have held off, since I wasn’t sure if it was still bugged or not. I think I’ll hold off on playing with trapping for a bit, until they get a patch out that fixes the bug(s).

Not sure about cows being injured by the traps, though. I feel like they are supposed to work more like snares or really small leg traps for small(er) game, rather than something to leg-trap a larger animal like a deer or a cow. Do they catch deer at all (haven’t played with traps yet, so I don’t know if they do or not)?

If you set the traps to 1 or 2 as soon as it completes they tend to work well (I have found a balance I enjoy where I set have of the Tier 2 to 1 trap and the other half to no traps). The only time it becomes a major problem is moving them.

Yes, you are right. I didn’t think deeper what is the scope of traps in this case. Nevertheless, I was thinking about calves getting caught. To answer your question, no, deer cannot be caught as of now and not sure whether it will be ever possible.

Upgrade would be definitely worth doing if you don’t have any animal sights around, as at least it would provide you with some meat and pelts.


The other “semi” issue, that I am having is that I have 3 deer sights next to each other. Although, I set that hunting areas would not overlap, all hunters end up shooting in the closes deer sight, whether it is in their hunting range or not. This leads to overhunting in one area while other two are full of deer. Also, I think it is logical that when hunter goes to hunt they get the pray asap.

In this case maybe some path setting would help.

Build a road for your hunters which avoids the area being over hunted, if possible? That way the other 2 hunters never enter the area of the other hunter.

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Yeah, I have that going on to… one hunter whose circle has a 2 chevron and a 3 chevron herd in it. Another hunter who has a single 2 chevron her in their circle.

Both of them go after the herd in hunter #2’s hunting circle and wipe it out in short order, simply because those silly deer seem to feel the need to wander closer to town on a regular bass, while the others stay out in the forest.

I would prefer that hunters stick to their assigned area, at least when spotting a target (they can chase their target outside of the circle once the targeting is locked on- I am fine with that).

Though I do chuckle when my one hunter will go after a deer that runs up right next to one of my workcamps, and takes it down when it is literally right next to a man or woman who is chopping down a tree or chipping away at a stone. Like… do you know how close you came to taking an arrow to the knee, adventurer?