Hunters and boars

Im having trouble with my hunters when they are hunting boars. Due to the boar running away when shot my hunters always end up attacking multiple boars wasting a lot of arrows instead of focusing on the initial boar. They also often ignore the boar carcass in order to hunt more boars which often gets them killed. If i try to micro the hunter onto the carcass they will walk over to it and not harvest but just go back to hunting boars. What am I doing wrong T.T Also how many hunter cabins can you get away with before you depopulate the boars? The boars I was hunting last map had 2 chevrons. I rq because the hunter wouldnt harvest the dang carcass and died after he agrod 2 boars at the same time

Well, hunters won’t hunt boars automatically; they need to be directed manually to do so.

Are you playing some sort of mod that makes them hunt boars?

Im not using any mods. Im not manually targetting the boars with the hunter. Im setting the workzone on top of the boars. The hunter does go after the boars. They shoot them which normally causes them to flee and I guess because they ran far enough away the hunter then goes for the next closest boar. Eventually a boar will agro which allows the hunter to get the kill, its dangerous though because if you agro multiple the hunter will probably die. Not all the time but often enough what is happening is when my hunter kills a boar instead of harvesting the carcass he goes and targets more boars. Even if I manually control the hunter and click on the carcass he doesnt harvest it.

What I do is set up 2 hunter cabins not far away from a boar spawn, with a deer spawn behind them. Straight line to the deer that cuts through the boars, with workzone more on the deer (since they have something to hunt if boars run out/have run away). The hunter not hunting will help out the one who is, and hunters tend to take boars down easily and with a lack of deaths.

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