Hybrid pet build viability

I’ve been doing a lot of theory crafting lately and i think a hybrid pet build would be a lot of fun. I’m not looking for something that’s crucible viable, just wondering if a build like this could clear the Normal game through ultimate. I see theirs a blue set that would compliment a warder with a briarthorn companion. Sine reap spirits is a pet that scales with weapon damage perhaps that could be an option for a vitality based caster/or 2h user. Does anyone have experience with either of these options, or one of their own?

Also, i repeat that i understand hybrids aren’t meta or the strongest builds, i just think fighting alongside a trusty pet would be a lot more fun than a boring summoner and I like making quirky builds work.

This questions gets asked on and off fairly regularly, this thread has the most comprehensive answer to the question you’ll find.

The most powerful Hybrid that’s capable of clearing Gladiator is Sigatrev’s Reap Spirit build. It uses the Claw of Hagaraz which gives a modifier that boosts your own Vitality damage when you use Call of the Grave, a buff that’s typically used for pets.

Out of the hybrids shown in the main thread alluded to above, Snazzblaster’s Raven / Savagery Conjurer hybrid is also capable of clearing Gladiator.

I re-evaluated my own version of that which uses Raven / Storm Totem (making full use of the Stormbringer Off-hand) and made a new Grimtools that has much better OA / DA at the cost of pet damage. Grimtools here

sigatrev’s build is straight up pets…that aint no hybrid sir :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on your definition of “hybrid”.

When I think hybrid for pet builds, I think of something where damage dealt is shared equally between the player and pets. Something like this is unfeasible and is often advised against as it really takes a large amount of knowledge and theorycrafting to pull off at end game.

The other definition I could think of is simply put a full on pet build that makes use of a decent (but not high) amount of player % damage for the sole reason of sniping kills from your pets to proc on enemy death abilities like Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips, Black Scourge or Dracarris. Skills that deal a decent amount of damage on a minimum investment like Doom Bolt or Reap Spirit also work well as kill snipers. I’ll state again but this is still a full on pet build so while you want just enough damage to get kills on trash reliably, basically all of your damage is still dealt by your pets.

Edit: Another option that no one’s mentioned yet is player-scaled pets. Nemesis or Deathstalker thematically fit your description and can easily be worked into a player build.