Hyprid pet/melee build theorycrafting a bit

I just died so need a new build, and been wanting to try out this build for a while… I found a few pieces of the Mogdrogen’s Tranquility set, which includes an axe amongst other things and many pet bonuses so…

Full Tranquility(head, 2h axe and chestarmor +ring/amy) (though i’m unsure if it’s a ring or amy, depends on where you look apparently… its the only item i haven’t got yet so can’t confirm it).

Primal instinct relic should be a nice addition too

and for belt i’m thinking guthook.

I will focus on shaman tree mostly, in fact I haven’t decided secondary yet… With only those items ill have +3 to shaman skills though and that should help with extra skillpoints, but main focus will be savagery+feral hunger and upheaval, and briarthorn + it’s both skills. Also, Primal bond and primal spirit.

I’m thinking I can do this into a melee bleed build so Devouring swarm and maybe grasping vines as well.

devotion tree would look like this roughly (44 points, though I kinda want kraken so might change a bit)

I will continue thinking about this then let you know how it works out, but I think it’s possible.

Advice welcome :slight_smile:

Somewhere in these forums there’s a build idea by Safarel of a Pet Hybrid build. I think he used Witching Hour

Now it look like this (grimcalk).

And i’m still malcontentand with this character

I’ve tinkered with the idea of a Hybrid Bleed/Briarthorn build before but never got far with it. A few things I can suggest are:

-Taking Soldier as a second mastery. Provides plenty of support for bleed/physical and survivability. Field Command benefits both you and your pet.

-The Doombringer amulet is practically built for a build like this.

Lazy Safarel doesn`t want to switch the game on English for screenshot :slight_smile:

Yeap, that’s why none of my build are not presented here - I’m to lazy to translate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any videos?

Cause that helps me understand builds like this

Fuck man, I always wanted to build around the Witching Hour.

It’s a nice amulet but the mogdrogen one will among other things give me +1 to all shaman skills since it’s the fourth in the set, but yeah I would do less dmg myself in theory, but it would free up a lot of skillpoints since I’d be using a lot of different skills from shaman.

I think it needs to be a warder anyways just for more hp and so on, but was thinking trixter might be fun just because it’s different… Also I wouldn’t be compared to all those nasty warders who undoubtedly would be better :wink:

As for the witching hour gun, it fits right into my other hybrid Will Smith build :wink: (I am Legend poster) and I’m sure it could be used in a fun way if I find one.

I’ve been interested in doing a build like this too. Shaman is definitely set up for it for sure. Grasping vines gives you lots of control, and swarm gives you a ranged alternative as well as a great bleed.

I second the Soldier as a Secondary class if you want to focus mostly on melee. Occultist is a great option if you want to focus more on the pets, as Shaman really only has the one pet (plus the cat, but thats more of a long CD Duration spell then a constant pet).

The only concern I had was that in elder game pets really need allot of pet buffs to survive and be viable, and I could see the need for pet bonuses conflicting with the need for physical stats to deal with the melee pressure.

FYI, If your looking for a shopping list for gear, and are trying out the summoner side instead of the warden side, the wildblood set is a nice one. big bleed bonuses, with nice Occultist and shaman skill bonuses as well. And a 2h as part of the set, leaving allot more gear choices available.