I am confused about my resistances

This is my in game SS:


And this is Grim Calc SS:


Even I have turned on all of buffs in Grim Calc (the latest version), those are different.

I have noticed that my in-game chest armor has “%8 aether resist”; but Grim Calc version does not.

How is that possible?

PS: I have also noticed that Grim Calc version is

Are you using an offline version? Because the online is



Your honor (because you are super mod), I use the offline version.

This is likely a Blacksmithing bonus.

Okay, thanks to everyone. So, I should take account of in-game values not Grim Calc.

Offline one hasn’t been updated yet iirc.

Yes, you remember correctly sir. Grim Calc shows; not

Then what ya waiting for? The offline version isn’t at yet but you can easily update to


This is not my fault! How do I know if there is new version?

Grim Calc’s “Check for updates…” button tells me “Your Grim Calc is up to date!”

By the way, thanks for letting me know.

Who knows… mebbe the check update function is broken. Just bookmark that page and check it from time to time I guess.