I am looking for some cool effect!

hey hey bros, now i want to be more cool/charming/pretty for my character
other than illusion, i prefer some amazing effect or buff, i remember once i have encountered a monster that circled by a series of floating aetherial crystals, that’s really cool!

so my question is which gear/skill/potion can grant me that cool effect? what i want is just the effect, no matter what king of the bonus is
many thx!

That must have been the councilmen. Afaik no player skill in the game provides this particular visual effect. If you’re looking for colorful stuff floating around your char:

  • Ruby and Saphire of Elemental Balance ring set
  • Reign of Fire and Ice ring set
  • Targo Hamner devotion
  • Eye of the Guardian devotion
  • what else?

thx! i will try that out! :wink:

but why a monster can carry an effect that not exist in the game :eek:

I’m not entirely sure it doesn’t exists. Maybe it’s a part of an item skill of some obscure epic gear that nobody ever used? Besides, if it was up to me I’d remove or at least seriously tone down 90% visual effects in the game.

It is not what you are looking for, but you can use Hargate’s Crystal if all you want is a floating crystal.