I can't be the only one who would love to see a faction related to insects & spider-like creatures.

Would be awesome for them to have a faction as well imo with their own faction ranking, nemesis boss and so on…

This just crossed my mind while leveling a new char when I was doing the “Infested Fields” quest. :slight_smile:

A dermapteran faction might make slightly more sense than “Beasts,” at least. Is there a groble shadowing me keeping careful track of how many wasps I burn? Didn’t know they could count that high…

I think the problem then is that the number of factions starts to inflate a bit if you were to separate Beasts into Dermapterans, Grobles, Slith too probably, Insectoids as suggested above and so on - it gets a bit ridiculous even if it logically makes more sense than grouping them all together.

Have you tried the Mad Queen special boss? She’s kinda like a nemesis

Mad Queen is basically a Nemesis that always spawn in one single spot.

The game already has enough factions as it and splitting an existing faction into two would be actually annoying. Mainly because it’s one more faction that you have to grind rep.

I don’t like this suggestion and to be honest I don’t like the “beast” faction in the first place

Yeah, not a fan of the Beast faction too and not just because i don’t like its Nemesis. All the other factions are organized hierarchies and yes, even the Undead.

The beast faction is just random groups of beasts that have nothing to do with each other. I think Grobles couldn’t care less to what happens to Sliths or insectoids.

The next faction I’d like to grind rep for would be The Adoring Fans. Nothing but a bunch of nerds who worship the blood and guts I spill.

Before the expansion dropped I legit thought a groble king would be the beast faction nemesis.

Beast faction only makes sense had it only comprised of Beastkin, more specifically Grobles and Dranghouls. Right now it’s made up of all kinds of things and the nemesis is an Ugdenbog Yeti

And no OP I don’t want another faction, unless we’re talking about some new powerful enemy then it would make sense. Otherwise another minor enemy faction won’t make any sense at all and would just make rep grinding even more tedious.

Before the expac I expected Beast Faction to impress me and Aetherial Vanguard to let me down. Surprisingly it was the exact opposite. Not only is Vanguard better because of all the lore around them, their nemesis Aleksandr is pretty awesome with his teleport and his meteors.

Maybe a small faction of humans that worship those insects/spiders like gods…

You can’t swing a dead bone rat in Cairn without smacking a god upside the head. People have a pretty long list to run down before they get desperate enough to start praying to bugs.

Of course, but it would still be useful for a little easter egg, wouldn’t it?

If i remember correctly, the devs didn´t like to create a beast faction at all, but since many people wanted one …well now we got one.
At least i think Zantai said something like that on one of the dev streams.

Beast faction is silly, doesn´t make much sense the way it is set up right now.

And the Nemesis is silly.
Oh look, there is a giant butt-monkey that will eat your face, because you killed to many beasts.

Really? :rolleyes:

Also: no more factions please.

At best they can add a pre xpac area nemesis