I can't play GD anymore


I posted on bug reporting but this may be a better place to find a solution.

Since yesterday, I can’t play GD anymore: streaming from PC to Imac.

Maybe someone here had the same problem and has a solution ?

please help
is very important

Well, if it’s the issue reported in this thread


then it’s a Steam problem and you’re more likely to find answer there.

If it’s not then without a more detailed explanation of exactly what the problem is I don’t think anyone will be able to help you.

Have you tried running the game without streaming to your Imac. Or do you just use Imac as your main monitor?

Tried the repair.exe or verify the game files?

thanks for your guide
I’m reviewing now

Yeah! Now we’re officially 2 people streaming PC to Imac on earth. Btw, my issue apparently has been solved, I’ve just tried to play for 10 minutes without problems. I play now on my laptop (small screen, some noise but at least it works and I won’t be disappointed if it breaks again). I hope you find something useful to solve your problem.