I can't seem to find such a list, or at least some way to know: which builds can beat SR80?

The reason I am asking this is because I want to go in blind and beat the game without following a build. BUT, I need to pick a class combination that will for sure have at least one or two options that will allow me to clear absolutely all content, including SR80.


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There are probably plenty here that can do that.

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every class can clear SR 80

we have this were some of the forum members are keeping track of some stuff to sorta combine it into some form of build metrics

i believe i was told that just because a build might only have a SR75 mark doesn’t mean it cant necessarily do 80, it just means it wasn’t run higher
(no big difference between 75 or 80 score wise)


Yep, that’s it!

Omg, it even has a ranking. Beautiful.