I did it!

I finally bought the game! ( I think I have been staying at my friend’s house a bit too long lately to play GD )

What can I say…my name is Jack and im addicted to Grim Dawn!

Welcome to the game and forums Jack.

Hope to see you contributing to the addiction. :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy the game!

hi and welcome, and good to know we have another addict on the forums, and yes its does get very additive!

Oh im going to have a serious problem with it!

I love how the quest hub works, like You can unlock a passage here to do quest, do this for that guy, repair this, see changes You make in the world. It’s been long since I was reading quests in a game…loooong.

I love the little touches and oh boy the music + the night and day cycle (and the fog) A M A Z I N G ^^

…and no, I wasn’t drinking :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I have no idea how am I going to get through the day tomorrow at work…it’s all Your fault GD!

Have fun playing Grim Dawn ! :smiley:

welcome and have fun :slight_smile: