I dislike Korinia.

Flippant, condescending, and ungrateful… let me slap some manners into her. If I can beat up an old friend (whom I actually like), I want to be able to put this Janey-come-lately in her place too.

Considering she’s probably another (demi)ascendant, this seems like a legit feature add.

Why? The game is pretty clear about what she is. I take it as you’re not a fan of Valbury.

I must be missing something here, can you recall instances when you found her to be anyone of those things?

On a side note- Her VA has done a great job

All of it, though the “I know you can’t stand to be away from me” line when you’re just about to open up Steelcap stands out. Funny that you think the VA is good; to me she sounds like a chatty teenager on an iphone.

I love Valbury.


I’m the opposite, i enjoyed her character quite a lot. And she’s not really ungrateful, she thanks you several times.


If you complete Anasteria’s quest line Anasteria herself will move to resistance, and when you kill Theodin and speak to her she’ll reveal that Korinia is most likely an Aetherial. Talk to Korinia and she’ll crack down and confirm it[/spoiler]

Considering the survivors in Malmouth have endured weeks (months?) of barely hanging on to life they’ve all come out surprisingly sane. Korinia can be a bit sarcastic but honestly who wouldn’t in her situation.

Did you really need spoiler tags. I thought this is known to everyone? I have explored here side on every char. And as an added bonus I also make sure every NPC in town is aware of it :rolleyes:

Her being sarcastic is something I like. She even has a dialogue related to loving the usage of sarcasm

Huh, neat! I haven’t done that questline on this character, but I guessed that because of an earlier clue:

there’s a Malmouth survivor who mentions her eyes glowing or something at one point, when she rescued him at the start of the invasion. I think he’s one of the guys who went out scavenging.

Somer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain Somer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I misunderstood on what you were talking about, should’ve used a quote. :rolleyes:

To everyone? Well, maybe.

Norzan and Korinia sitting in a tree


Sorry, but Korinia is now the best new NPC added to GD, and I love her sass.

Sorry, but Rallia has already taken my heart.

Well, not only that but she’s also in heavy need of defense mechanisms, as it’s made clear that she’s possessed as well. More proof (as if it was needed) that the aetherials take on characteristics of those they possess - hell whether they want to or not. She’s not just a person that’s trying to save the world, she’s a person that’s half herself and half alien weirdo that’s been infected by her ideals of (for want of a better word here) goodness.

And people are gonna complain because she’s kinda flippant? I’m amazed she’s not raving and drooling.

I was going to say I love her sass, but I’ve been beat to it.
I love how the voice actor played her, and she has a great voice. I wish there were more voices in the game.

She looks as good as she sounds:


It’s funny how much of a gendered expletive Korinia is, I like it actually