I don't know how to activate this shrine, help!!

what does this mean?
How can i get this star point? :frowning:

many thx to any reply

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It’s a quest shrine. Once you have Honored with Rovers visit an NPC in one of their camps.

This shrines is part of a quest.
You need to be honored with Rovers, then you can get the quest from a NPC at the Rover Camp in Old Arkovia.

thx will that shrine give me a star point as usual?:smiley:

yes, there are more shrines than points though, so you could skip some and still get all possible points

Do this quest : Rhowari_Legacy and it will restore, got them in Rover main camp when you got revered with them.

Honored is enough.

I would recommend restoring every shrine anyway, especially on ultimate. I once got 2 legendary BPs from one…