I don't see the + sign after using a writ

I saw this:

But I’m sure there is no + sign in my factions list
How does it work then?

It’s easy to forget where you’ve used it already.

I always have it there. It’s on top right of the faction name. It was there all the time for me and never disappeared. Try verifying games files or make a clean installation and check if it’s there or not.

Does it work immediately or in later runs after you restart your game with the same charachter on an other difficulty?
I googled how it looks but it’s not there. Starting the game without grim internals doesn’t help. Will maybe try your suggestions but I don’t think that can be the solution.

Hmm it works now. Maybe it was my bad. I see the the + marks now. 1st time I used a writ for Devils Crossing and there wasn’t a marker. Now I used a writ for Homestead and had the +. After that I buyed one at DC again and it worked too. It was wih the same character. Whatever, problem solved somehow.

I think I figured out the problem … or at least I know what I did to confuse myself.

I bought the Writ …
I hovered the mouse over the writ, and it said Right-Click to Apply …
I right-clicked …

Then I opened the faction window, and indeed, saw there was no + sign.

When I went back into the faction vendor’s store and noticed I still had all my money! I right-clicked while still in the store, and of course that sold the writ right back to the vendor (at the original, I-changed-my-mind, purchase price, since I hadn’t closed out of the store yet).

I re-purchased a writ, CLOSED OUT OF THE STORE, opened my inventory and then applied the writ, and it worked just fine.

I don’t know if this was the original poster’s issue, but it caught me unawares, so maybe this will help someone else. :wink: