I don't think I ever introduced myself... not that it matters.

Hello, my name is Jeb (obviously). I’ve been around for a while, but never made an introduction post. I purchased the Loyalist version back in November of 2013. I clocked a lot of hours in those first several months, but stopped playing for a good long while.

My time in those early days were spent farming and playtesting. Yes, I’ve spent my time hacking too. I actually made the first usable trainer for Grim Dawn, though others came after me, who were more skilled in the work, so I don’t bother with it anymore. Nowadays I’m interested in testing various builds and farming different places.

When I first bought the game I started to brainstorm an idea for this build testing called Grim Brew, but I lacked the skill to do so. I think I’m going to pick this idea up again, but this time simply to play with these builds while drunk on Burrwitch Brew in-game and likely personally too, this time focusing on blogging and possibly streaming it all, mainly for entertainment value though.

Anyhow, that’s my story. Nothing special really. Hello, again, after the fact… hick

Well, then a belated welcome to the forum :).

And I hope it´s ok if I join that^^. Bought the game via Steam a few months ago and started posting here, but also never introduced myself.

I´m in my late 30s, male and from the Ruhr area of Germany. I´ve been a huge fan of ARPGs since Diablo 1, and I think I played almost all of them over the years. My all time favourite has always been Diablo 2, but not anymore, thanks to this fantastic new ARPG called Grim Dawn ;).

And so far it seems not only the game is outstanding, but also its community. The people here seem to be very nice and helpful, and it´s great to see that much reasonable discussions without much trolling, personal attacks etc. for a change, I appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

Besides gaming I also love(amongst other things) my 2 cats and music, clubbing, concerts, festivals and stuff, especially in the gothic/EBM subculture. Once thought it would be some teenage thing for me, but after 20 years I think I´ll probably always love it :smiley:

Belated welcome to both of you :).

welcome, welcome. :slight_smile:

Brand new here today. Looking for ppl to run with to learn game. Message me up please.

This is becoming the thread for all people wanting to say hi :). Welcome, Primetime1362 !!!

I’m okay with that. Welcome to everyone.

add me on steam, “Bankaikiller” I can help run with you, and give you lots of class build info.