I don't understand spellsourge set

So why does it benefit both devastation and shield skills? they are mutually exclusive.

The Shield has a hidden modifier that allows you to use Devastation with it equipped.

That is very cool, thanks. It made no sense that a shield would have a devastation boost on it.

I’ll give it a try.

The shield is an offhand disguised as a shield. You can sort items with the Spellscourge shield and it will appear near the offhands instead of the shields.

Does this mean that items which require a caster offhand will work with it? For example, the relic Iskandra’s Balance has a power that requires and offhand to trigger.

I don’t think so no, only Devastation will work with it as far as I know (as that question has come up before).

If you need some inspiration

I don’t know about sorting thing but the difference between shield and offhand is that shield is a special weapon while offhand is an accessory. Being offhand in disguise means it can’t have normal shield mechanics and offhand damage in skills.

As for how it works internally I can’t check at the moment but the hunch is Baka 100% nailed it.

I said it was a shield first, not that it was literally an offhand. It’s a shield with an offhand property that the game considers it an offhand when you sort items.

It’s the weirdest item in the game.

Wut? Where does it sort as an off-hand?

As said above, the shield modifies Devastation to work with shields. In every aspect, it it a shield.

I remember sorting and it being lumped with the offhands instead of the shields. Probably a bug.

Edit: Either got fixed or it was just perception bias. Shields and offhands seem to lump together by default. Disregard what i said.