I found 28 Shrine but only 27 in devotion

Hi there :slight_smile:

I need your help,
This is my first run and I think there is something wierd…

I found 28 Shrine but I only got 27pts to the devotion tree.

I made this map :


I dont know why 1pts is missing…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(sorry for my english)

Trying taking another look at your devotion setup otherwise it’s a bug

Show us your devotion map in skills menu

Here :

His post count is low.

Did you restore Mogdrogen’s shrine while actually on the quest for it, or in an MP session where someone else was able to trigger the shrine?

The Devotion Point for that shrine is from the quest, not the shrine itself.


After reading your post I’ve restarted the game and go back to the shrine just in case…
And a guy was here next to it…

I got my devotion point :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you for your help !!! :smiley: