i found a Very old tattered Note : (RPG)

well since this world is in Peril i found a Note at the lost Shrine :

i will translate for you since it is written in magic ( aether )

" i am a star traveler , and i see that we got attention from some outer realms . I was not able to find out Everything what is going to happen but i know one thing for sure … i am very old following the sacred path of truth which has been lost . I will only write this down because this world will be Impaled by much greater force then even i whould have expect .

i love this realm and see them die that is why the lost God refused to show himself . We did not have been abandoned … its just a feeling that we struck Chton and the evil minions but about the Aether i have to reveal one secret …

the prime creator is not amused about what happened here
and we cant say Aether might be wrong but as long as you are NOT purity
i will tell you they might consume you … because aether is as it IS and pure souls like us might be not blinded but inspired by the source …

i read it in an ancient book : Those who are humble and pure cannot be corrupted by the pure force but since it has grown rare on the lands of cairn
Behold the Aether and remember these words … since the time will come until we face the truth …

Rpg ? i actually found this note in the shrine of the Lost

i guess you read it too ;D

Are you using Google translate?

I have not seen anything in game resembling those text’s. :undecided:

Do you mean Shrine of the Forgotten God? I know not of a “shrine of the lost”.

Also, why did you bring up “RPG”? Are you talking about how GD is an ARPG? Or is this a forum RPG “game”?¿

I’m genuinely lost here :undecided:

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