I found the Cauldron

I found it, boss was kinda hard, though.

Er, was it lost? O.o

how long did it take to beat the boss?

any hints where this is? literally nothing online about it, and i’ve never heard of it :eek:

Area in Malmouth Sewers, where you need dynamite to enter.

Always wanted to make a Calidor’s Shitstorm build with this one, the pants is a bonus.

The cauldron can be looted of a corpse in the malmouth sewers in the secret area where you need an dynamite to enter.

The corpse that has this item also has a green smoke around it

dammit *bonk i saw that and never went back :cry::cry:

I found it every time I did AOM, it’s not a secret item, really. So curb your excitement

That cauldron is wore by a trolls near rover camp. I thought is an MI dropped by that monster

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What’s the drop change in this thing? i did a run couple of times and checked the bodies but can’t seem to get it.

From my experience it’s 100%. Don’t just check the bodies near the boss. Check everything.

I did maybe i dropped the item because it was blue. So i think it only drops once per character?