I Got a Fever

And the only cure is more Slith.

I really like the slith but you only fight them around act 1 until you get to burrwitch (which is understandable). Now the expansion takes place in the underbog which is right next to the act 1 area so I would like to see more slith.

On a side note I always thought it would have been cool if there was a nemesis slith. Ellena would have made a good one if you changed the fight up a bit. I mean she has been around for a hundred years and you just go around killing all her decedents but really any slith Nemesis would make me happy.

It could focus on poison and cold damage i know thats a weird combo but she could use cold spells to slow your movement or even freeze you while the poison eats away at your heath. When her heath gets to 75% 50% and 25% she can summon slith for you to help fight you off.

I just think that would be something cool. I know slith are very miner but I think there cool and have untapped potential.