I have a summoner build idea but concerned about it not having enough minions due to no necromancer

I have a build idea that forces me to go conjurer for it to work. A pet build. Problem is… even maxed out, is the hellhound and briarthorn enough to “hold the front”?

With my chaos summoner cabalist I have fiend, skeletons, 4-6 devourers, hellhound. And my army wrecks everything so far (lvl75 just started in ultimate, SSF HC).

I want another character to play to avoid burnout. Another, different summoner. It also helps to have a backup. However the build relies on being a conjurer and these masteries together is having a REAL minion starvation. I mean when I pull a group with my cabalist, my army is a wall protecting me.

I’ve read that conjurer is still the strongest summoner class (?) but I’m so confused. If a giant pack of mobs with 2 bosses comes running down a hill, can the hellhound and briarthorn really “hold the line” so to speak?

It feels weird playing a summoner with only 2 big summons and I was wondering if someone can give some input on this. Even with 2 taunt minions, I can’t see them clear very fast. They have only 2 AoEs on CD.

It’s not just the Hellhound and Briarthorn; don’t write off the Familiar.


Lack of sheer pet number as non-necromancer summoner is the reason why I absolutely despise them.

Hellhound is I very much doubt is capable of holding the line for you. It’s an awkward pet with medium base hp (twice the skeletons but half the Blight Fiend or Briarthorn), so even if it manages to taunt an enemy with one of it’s skills it may just not be able to live long enough. Contrast with Blight Fiend that got a taunt aura.

Briarthorn is one of the most durable pets, iirc it can taunt too, but I just don’t like pet builds with low number of pets.

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Don’t discount the Hound :stuck_out_tongue:

It can hold its own rather well. Only, you need to invest points into the base skill for it to be able to actually survive and then into its supporting skills if you want it to DPS.

Granted, it still is no Briarthorn and can’t generate aggro like Blightfiend, but it gets the job done with enough Pet defense and Ishtak devotion.

As for Pet numbers, since neither Skeletons nor Reap Spirits can hold aggro well, it doesn’t really matter :woman_shrugging:


I give you, this: [] Beastcaller Conjurers - Bleeding and Chaos/Bleeding hybrid-> Crucible 4:49-5:20/ SR 115/ Callagadra 2:53-3:27 + Ravager 1:23 + Crate ~30 seconds

You can be the judge on whether Pet Conjurers can be fast or not :stuck_out_tongue:


Those builds use the swarmling relic, so they actually have a lot of pets.

Can replace with Mog’s Ardor and still not lose much except in Cruci perhaps.

This doesn’t use Swarmlings for eg: [] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || 5.18 Cruci ||

If you like birds (why wouldn’t) you can make something working with Bysmiel set. Here’s cold pet version:

Can confirm this. Hound has been pretty much unkillable in my Pet Pyromancer and damage is also insanely high even though the values seem a lot lower than Briarthorn or Blightfiend.

First image is my current Pet Pyromancer and the other two are from my Acid/Bleed Ritualist. Despite all three of them being maxed, the values seems weirdly low on Hellhound. Also, it is the only one that doesn’t inflict any DoT with its basic attacks.

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