[] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || 5.18 Cruci ||

This what happens when cats get a taste of that chaos

So this turned out to be a monster - Nothing Changed UPDATED GT V2 GT GT
Key items: **READ** Changes

After messing with this last couple days I tried lots of different things but how I have it now feels stable. I tried removing familiar all together, used those points in wendy totem, then morgon aura, dropping ground slam for more blood pac, removing Salazar for a epic/legendary , removing amulet for epic/legendary. Thing is it just starts falling apart, Familiar helps alot with proccing chaos RR im assuming the extra projectiles procs it alot? I just know removing/replacing the amulet/salazar/ground slam adds an extra minute on crucible
I have opted for Fiend over bull rush now , not a huge difference but it works well. Changes

So only thing that changes with this patch is belt and the new Zaria MI amulet, That damage to briars is massive and easily replaces the missing yeti :frowning: Items

Beastcaller set give us 2 briarbutts
Salazar mainhand - phys converted to chaos this guy hits hardddd
Heart of the Mountain for a nice converted chaos yeti (I beg you zantai gib me 2 yetis pleaseee)
Voidwhisper rings to convert the rest.
(some greens of course :smiley: ) Crucible

Then we have video of me actually running my own build - 7min cruci with 3b1vb
https://youtu.be/ByvgFXXA4Vs Crucible


UPDATED V2 5:18 Crucible

Pic of maya beating up cally with it

One of crate, I was told crate vanished

SR90(I guess with alot of time left on clock, This is from maya I dont know shit about SR)

and naked crucible with extra spawns 12mins from maya

Thats it, hope you love it.
Thank you for all support and tips @Maya




Btw, in case anyone is wondering about the power of this monster of a build, there is absolutely nothing ingame that it can’t kill. And it does it super fast too. Celestials, SR, Crucible, doesn’t matter, they are all getting demolished.

Defensively, it might take some time getting used to, especially with Dying God’s health drain. But the sheer offensive power of this build is phenomenal.

Too bad I need to use GD stash to play it :frowning:

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That was only to see how far it could be pushed. Greenless version could be made with some sacrifices.

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I am going to just leave this here:

*Look at the time left on the clock


I’ll give you some personal advice

If u use Dying God + Bysmiel’s Domination, then u should also use Ruby of Domination to make perfect damage.

and weapon use affix Shaman & of Binding to make Primal Spirit 22lv.


Very interesting build and great job!
Looks like Maya and Duskdeep got competition :sweat_smile:


Damn, what a real monster!

It’s great all-around build killing celestials, running Cruci in 7 minutes. Having both DG and offensive setup for damage and toughness of Conjurer+Behemoth for defense, nicely done!


Wow. This looks, uh… yeah. How tanky are the pets?

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I would agree except this build started that way, I enjoy having the permanent yeti to much.
I like having ground slam at 17 little more than capped PS also, I do appreciate the feedback and think most people would want to play it setup like you described.


Duskeep really does the piano finger builds well, though, that’s for damn sure. I definitely understand your choice of wanting a more permanent/lazy DPS option over a really powerful temporary damage boost (good for phases), but also requires a button to press.

For example, I followed one of Duskeep’s Ghol builds recently (unstable Blight Fiend) and found myself replacing Bysmiel’s Domination with a Mythical Blightshard Amulet, as it gives me two free pets (the poison-mortar that they spam reduces enemy phys dmg dealt by 20%… very underrated) as well as the amulet providing substantial buffs to my pets.

Ya, I wanted to play with yeti so it made sense to me here cause im converting its damage I enjoy having him he is really fast
Typically I do max out primal spirit and use offhand and/or ruby , this seemed like a right “balance”

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Yeah, Yeti seems like a badass option since a lot of his base damage types are converted.

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I make some change to incrase damage, but lost Bysmiel dog RR.


I make some change to incrase damage, but lost Bysmiel dog RR.

Ayy, there’s the Toad that I know and love.

Do you think the damage increase is worth losing the Bysmiel dog RR? I am not a big fan of using that pet either, but I wanna see your thoughts.

I will throw that together and try it out, Thank you for the critique.
BTW do you have the chaos build you posted in maya thread yesterday? Id like to make it if you dont mind

Ok, I gave that a good try and it feels aweful. Its very slow, the lack of AoE/RR/circuit breaker hurts it so much so that out of 6 tries in cruci it completed it once (3b1vb) and it was 9mins. I think chaos pets just work better with more pets, This might be good in SR however

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Chaos Elementlist

How is Elementalist in Crucible/SR?
Never tried to make one, so I am curious how it performs. Have you tested it?