Ishtar - Pet Ritualist

Thank you for your response and your welcome! I’ve leveled a conjuror using your Pet Guide, and was thinking about starting a new character for a slightly different pet flavor. That’s a shame that RR got nerfed so hard!

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It still works, just not as well as it used to :frowning_face:

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Update for

No item/skill/devotion changes…

So what has changed? This is your best build right now? The best possible pet build in theory?

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It seems to me that Maya builds for ease of play/survival, also what might be best for one mode of play (e.g. crucible) might not be so very good for another mode (e.g. boss kills); so, the answer to that question, very much depends on what you mean by “best possible”.

Additionally, Maya has shown appreciation for other people’s pet builds. I don’t think she claims her builds are the best possible. She is however extremely knowledgeable about pet builds and creates builds that are fun to play.

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Diviner set didn’t get hit with nerfs that much. Set even got an extra -2RR (which might not seem like much, but remember that the 5 RR nerf from each mastery skill actually made a difference).

Build also only has 1 type of Pet: Reap Spirit, fully maxed. Rest are all Support skills.

And Reap Spirits are notorious for not dying due to their insane resistances (100 to everything) and even when they die, low CDR unlike “Primal Spirit too OP, can’t have 0 downtime”.

So you can go full on offensive without worrying about pet defense unlike in Briarthorn or Familiar builds.

Now, Pets got a bit of stats baked into them sure. But if you had used say 1 full set and 3 pieces of another set (or 2 full sets in case of my Will-O-Wisp), you got hit by 2x nerfs.

Like for eg: if 2 sets lost +200% dmg in total, but pets get +100% dmg each as compensation for the dmg lost from their individual sets (my own made up numbers for easy explanation), you are still down +100% dmg. Same for HP values.

Then there is the lost Crit damage, which is rather huge.

But this particular build doesn’t suffer from any of that. It still gets more than +1500% Pet dmg, has 170% Crit dmg etc…

Ofcourse, you can’t look at the stats in a vacuum, since compared to say, my Fluffy Squishy, whose stats are more or less permanently on (even if much lower), there are a lot of temporary procs here that push the numbers high.

There is also much more to manage compared to the laid back nature of my usual builds (imo).

But the results in the previous patches spoke for its power and based on it and the changes, said power while lower, shouldn’t have taken as much of a hit as say… a conjurer build.

So, the player side remains the same.
Pet side, only a small loss due to only having 1 pet and 1 set.
High dmg, Crit, invincible Pets.

I once said that this might be a contender to Fluffy Squishy. But then the RR nerf + vitality requiring every bit of RR it can afford, made me rethink that statement. But with the competition nerfed, I can safely say it once more.

But this is in regards to my builds and mine alone. And even then, it is all within the context of No Green MIs used. Also, my builds suck in Crucible :stuck_out_tongue:

Others might be able to come up with better solutions.

@Duskdeep86 even has his own version that he made much earlier (back when Diviner’s still had Aether conversion for pets, which made me not go for pure Reap spirit build): [ -][Vid] Diviner Set | high Crit vitality Pet | Ritualist | SR 100
I don’t know if anything needs to be tweaked for that ^, but it was strong as hell back then and was the inspiration for mine.

If you want Crucible focused builds, @Crittrain can help you with that. His [] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || 5.18 Cruci || remains strong even though no more SR 120 like shenanigans. Also is a Briarthorn Conjurer, so there is that.


I can’t speak for crucible/bosses, but I’ve tried both KaosKat’s V2 and Ishtar on Ultimate SR 65/66 for legendary farming. I’m a terrible pilot and I can do that easily with both builds. KaosKat’s V2 was probably faster (I didn’t do enough runs nor watch carefully to be sure), but Ishtar was easier to pilot.

P.S. Ultimate SR 65/66 is averaging over 12 legendaries/run for me.

Edit- P.P.S. I know that isn’t much of a test by the standards of these forums, but it made me happy. :slight_smile:

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I must add that when I talk of things like SR, I am taking 90+ as minimum measurement :rofl:

When even pet builds struggled, Fluffy Squishy and KaosKats for eg managed to make it to SR120 (I ran those for the Spreadsheet thingy.

But yeah, all current pet builds should be able to clear 75-76 within the time limit without any issues. Even more so no that you don’t have to rely on Camera Abuse.

And yes, 65-66 is more than enough for farming. Even 75-76 is mostly bragging rights territory.

I must also add that me saying my builds are terrible for Crucible is not an exageration. Crucible farming is not something they do even decently due to being tailored for Superbosses and SR.


Hi Maya, thanks for posting your knowledge and builds, im been reading your posts and book for hours.

I wanted to ask, why don’t you make videos?

This build is adecuate for first time pet build?

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Mostly related to potato computer and internet :sob:

Depends on how you would definite that.
The build is very much reliant on the items to deliver its complete potential and without it, might feel lackluster.

But during leveling, you could for a Blightfiend, Briarthorn & Reap spirit build and then transition into this once you have acquired the items.

Eg from the guide:

And for the lvl up part:

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Thanks for your compreensive answer.
I have all the items and already read your guide. this is my build currently, ain’t using the Briarthorn because it doesn’t fit the theme lul. But i will try, the skeletons are to week against some bosses. (i was killing loghorrean, that’s why the double Imbued Silver jeje)

Do note that the devotion setup while leveling is a bit different as well, to squeeze in more damage with extra RR.

You don’t really need to invest in Shaman side at all if you do not like the change of theme. I leveled as a solo class to 94 for the guide.

Skeletons being fragile unfortunately is part of their nature and there is no real fixing it :sob:

Btw, those scepters might be doing more harm than good due to lack of Aether support for Pets early on.

I made the devotion setup from the build of this post, the “Ishtar Pet Ritualist”, so i get use to when i put the lvl 94 set.

Skeletons :cry:

About the scepters, the give attack speed, and must of the bonusses im geting are to the “all damage” thing, also have Korvak’s burning blade, but i’ll have to put point in cunning.

But that is the final devotion setup :stuck_out_tongue:
You get so much dmg built into the build and enough RR from elsewhere that you don’t need any from devotions.

But atm, you are doing a wide variety of damage and getting that manticore + rumor will help.

Problem with Scepters is this part: image

I would highly recommend switching to Burning blade or even better, a Scorpius Pummeler + an offhand.

ok, im making thos changes, but i only have the pummeler lvl 74 and 92, f.

Thanks for your answer.

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That should give you more damage, but do note that your Skeletons will be a bit more fragile due to lacking phys resistance (and aether res)

So, updating…

Just did SR 65-66, starting on lvl 95, for the quest which give extra skillpoints and attributes, it was so easy jajajaja i can’t believe. Such a great build.

You have to summon the Reap Spirit all the time or just when one expire?

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Entirely upto you. I keep resummoning them because I am too lazy to time it. But that can cause a little bit of aggro.

Glad to hear that it is working well :heart:

Hm… I wonder if switching weapon to Deadbeater would be a good idea or bad…

On one hand, more atk speed for pets and over +200% dmg (and a small amount of flat dmg). But as a downside, a loss of 10% RR from the current weapon’s proc.

But that proc is a 25% chance one and isn’t that reliable. Then again, Vitality dmg needs all the RR it can get. Hm…

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