The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Love the guides, they are what keep me coming back to this game. Havent played since some time in 2019 but from what I can tell it was an older version of the Sanguine Lupus build.

I pretty much have every item for all of these builds except for 3/4 of the Bysmiels Trinkets. Is the Sanguine build still probably the best one to be playing until I get my hands on the rest of that set?

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Glad to hear it :yum:

And for conjurer I would still recommend Lupus until you have full trinkets set, yes.

But in general, Ishtar is currently my second strongest build atm. So if you don’t mind playing Ritualist, I would wholeheartedly recommend it :blush:

I wanted to provide an update on my lightning based pet build Grimtools it’s still a work in progress but it’s definitely doing more damage than my leveling build just need to refine everything now and once I’ve played around with it I’ll probably redo the devotions depending if I need more or less defensive devotions. Going to take another look at the suggestions you made Maya, but do let me know how you think I’m going with my current setup. Thanks!

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It is definitely looking good :+1:
Personally however, I would prefer getting Tree over the points in Obelisk.

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I want to make a chaos pet build but i got some problems and need some suggestions or idear.
Here is my incomplete build:
First i choose shaman mastery because i want my char tanky also my pet. So shaman mastery is obviously and beastcaller set is a good overall set for pet build. As you see we can converted all cold dmg and physical dmg to chaos dmg so i get Yeti pet because it fast, not so thin and full dmg converted. But i’m stuged here. I do not known between conjurer and ritualist which one is better. Ocultist give me hellhound (i do not like it much because it thin as page but chaos aura is good for this build) and some valueable support spells and aura. Necromancer give me some suport spells which important too and reap spirit which full dmg converted and hit hard. Devotion option give me a headache too. Between dying god, tree, guardian and modgrogen which one should i choose?
There are many unsolved problems so i can not choose the other items left yet.
So you guy someone anyone that experienced with pet build please give me suggestion and show me strong and weak point of each case. I’m very grateful. Thank you for your reading and sorry for my English.


If you just want a chaos pet build and don’t mind which one, I would recommend just copying this: [] KaosKats (Updated 6.17 Cruci) - Taking pets to the Darkside

If you have a particular idea in mind regarding your build, give me details on what you want and I will make one for you :3


I just remember i got a conjurer in the past so maybe i want to try a ritualist this time.
Do you think full converted dmg reap spirit is better than hellhound with this chaos build?
And should i keep yeti pet or change to MI neckle which modifier 30% total dmg to briarthorn?

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I would not recommend a non conjurer for a Chaos Pet build. Sorry :sweat_smile:

But if you must, try a Cabalist atleast. Ritualists offer nothing for Chaos.

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Maybe i’ll try ghol set because it total new to me and
i realized that almost pet build lack of aoe dmg except ghol pet build.
For you which class is the best user for this set? And which t3 devotion shoul i choose?


From pure roleplaying pov I find GD summoners not living up to the stereotype of “Skinny guy in robes”, but more like roid filled bodybuilders. :smile:
Must be my playstyle or possibly pet aggro settings, but I do end up dying a lot when, even after letting my pretties engage first landing something to proc Shepards proc after results in paintrain heading my way.
So high Physique is kinda must along with priority in defence which sorta feels so very wrong, again in pure rp perspective.
Following the budget guide w/ bird & big stinky.


I want to do a pet char and i came directly to this thread XD


Bpth Cabalists and Conjurers are good for Ghol.

You can check my versions here:

  1. The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist
  2. The Witch Doctor - Pet Ritualist

But Ghol is a set you can’t really go wrong with. So feel free to experiment :blush:

Think of Summoners in GD like Beastmasters :stuck_out_tongue:

Like this guy:



Hey Maya, I was having a good deal of trouble finding a Cabalist build with just some basic endgame starter gear, and your budget pet one seems to fit the bill. Went and grabbed the gear for it, but Im a little stuck on devotions as I need another green to spec Rhohan’s Crown (and 3 red + that one green to spec into Murmur). Also looks like Im 3 points short of it as I have 5 points remaining at this point (of 55).

Also, I guess I could use a little pilot advice. Tried the first shrine (right next to the starter town) on my geared 94 in Ultimate and had a real tough time (died once, ran away like a chicken for most of the fight after that attempting to just live). Hope Im just doing something wrong or there is something I dont understand, since I should be pretty over levelled at least at this point, but there also wasnt a game version on that build, so not sure if it is still up to date.


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First of all welcome to the forums :blush:

Give a GT link :stuck_out_tongue:

For the devotions, you need to take jackal first and then spec out of it after Murmur.
Rhowan’s crown works similarly. You need 6 greens first and then you spec out of them later.

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Thanks for the welcome, looks like I signed up back on my first playthrough, but I somehow got through it w/o needing to interact here.

Just tried to link it with GT, and it said it cant be imported bc it is from a mod, and Im a little worried about making it a non mod character with the checkbox in GTStash (but its just speedrun, so idk if thats an issue).

The build I made, though, is an exact carbon copy of your RAWR Pet cabalist budget build.

Could you possibly tell me what to respec out of (Im only missing those two, the other devotions are exactly as your build shows) so I can properly respec. I tried following the respec order you had down for the Cabalist, but it turned out to be a different tree, and so Im hoping for a devotion order that fits this one.

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The Mod might be the reason why you are having trouble with Ultimate. So can’t help you there :frowning:

As for devotions:

shepherd’s crook
remove purple
scholar’s light
remove raven
remove green
remove jackal
3pts in Rhowan’s Crown
remove yellow
sailor’s guide
solemn watcher

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The only thing the mod adds is more run speed (the version Im using)…

I guess I was trying to ask how current it is in terms of recent patches and all.

Thanks the spec order will really help.

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There hasn’t been any changes that concern Pets in the patches, so build should be just as strong as before.

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Thanks for the answer, Im a bit outdated on patch knowledge (and probably forgot more than I ever learned).

It wont let me remove raven or jackal using that order bc it says they are dependent on
murmur and mistress of rumors (and now the crown since Ive added it). Is it safe to remove all those first, and carry on? (man this devotion stuff is a massive challenge).

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Red + Murmur = 3 red points. There is no reason why it shouldn’t let you remove jackal at that stage.
Scholar’s light + Murmur = 6 green points. There is no reason why it shouldn’t let you remove Raven either.

So if there is a problem, then I’d advice making sure it isn’t because of the mod.

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