The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Hello @Maya thank you for the great guide.

This is my current build

I want to kill Mogdrogen in elite for the mantle, but it seems i can’t bring his health below half (he will lifesteal back to half health). Is there anything that could be optimized (i want to put eldritch mirror int the chest but i don’t have enough ugdenbloom and i am still at the act 4 currently).

I am thinking of switching for the bleeding damage because i have the full set of mogdrogen’s peace, removing wind devil for either conjure primal spirit or wendigo totem, and removing vulnerability for maxing curse of frailty. But i don’t have a suitable relic and crafting a new one would be very expensive. FYI i have a full set of mythical covenant and bysmiel’s influence for consideration. Or am i just stop dreaming about killing mogdrogen because it’s just impossible for now. Or maybe it’s doable with my current build but my piloting sucks.

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First of all, welcome to the forums and glad that you like the guide :blush:

I see that you are following my updated devo setup. I would recommend switching back to the old one with Shepherd’s Crook for now:

But that aside, Bleeding might be better since Mogdrogen has high lightning Resistance. But I don’t think it would make much of a difference even with drastic changes to the build.

Superbosses are very late game challenges. And getting that lvl 94 Set makes a lot of difference (Bysmiel’s Trinkets here, full Myth Beastcaller’s if going for Bleed). So it is generally recommended to wait until then to try.

Avatar of Mogdrogen for eg, took me the longest to kill, even more than Callagadra due to his resistances + hp regen.

So for the time being, I’d recommend shifting focus into farming up the other stuff instead. Because even if it was doable atm, it will be a very long fight and the drop is kind of niche in its use.

Thanks for this, i will definitely look into it at the weekend. And a really really big shoutout to you for the recommendation section, leaving me room to mess around with my build. :pray: :cookie:
Maybe i will just make a twink after killing Lokarr over and over instead of respeccing and stuff.
And maybe after i finally can wreck the crate of entertainment, that is. Mogdrogen surely can wait until i have a better rounded character :sweat: Oh, and Boris finally fell after i could seperate the bosses derp
I even didn’t know there is a Set for Skeletons, maybe someone in my party will find a single piece someday.
On another note i had the question left, if DmgCon on items is global in terms of pets? And we only can convert 100% of a damagetype, right? Not that it’s like if we had 150% conversion of phys to cold for example that 100 phys will be 150 cold then?
So far o/

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I have a Lokarr set based endgame Pet Conjurer :yum: OwO - Pet Conjurer

As for damage conversion, note that it needs to specify that it is for pets, like it does on Bysmiel’s Mindweaver, Scorpius Pummeler etc, for eg. Otherwise, it only converts player damage and not Pet damage.

And correct that even if you have 150% conversion, 100 phys will only be 100 cold and not 150 cold. So once you have 100% conversion, any more won’t do any good.

Also, if you wish to know in a bit of detail regarding how I personally go about making new builds, you can refer to Page 84 of my PDF guide linked in the original post of this thread :3

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Hi Maya! Have you experimented much with Chaos pet builds before?

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Aye. Although, @Crittrain has already made one of the best versions of the current patch: [] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || EVERYTHING+++ 5.37 Cruci ||


Ooh, ty! :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out!

I’ve just started toying around with something like this (very draft idea with some gaping holes so far)

It actually looks like a pet/rifle hybrid might be possible based on the weapon damage, too?

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That is an interesting concept. Hybrid build will still suffer from lack of options to do both pet and player side as effectively as you could if you had gone just either pet or player. But it would still be interesting :blush:

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In case people are wondering how pets are handling the patch, here’s a quick winners and losers based of my tests through Crucible and SR:


  1. Witching Hour Cabalist - Witching Hour got a humongous boost thanks to the innate damage bonuses of the pets. Depending on whether mutators are nice to you, you could be able to defeat 3 Crucible runs in one batch of blessings (they weren’t nice to me and ran out on Wave 169 on the 3rd run. Still, the stability is really great).

  2. Hybrid pet builds - I have 4 hybrid pet-player builds that had all run through SR65 with difficulty. With the general pet buffs and SR aggro changes, it’s now super-easy to get good SR runs with hybrid pets. I absolutely love how much these changes buffed the pet skills over using set items.


  1. Normal Beastcaller Builds - Conjurers will likely make out fine, but running SR75-76 to get more challenge and loot has become a lot tougher. With a longer down-time on Conjure Primal Spirit, I can definitely feel the pain for my Beastcaller’s Druid and Elementalist. You definitely need to invest in multiple pets in order to stay reasonably viable.

  2. Primal Spirit in general - With a lot of sets reducing their overall pet damage, Primal Spirit doesn’t have the same oopmh that it used to have. In theory, all of the pets would feel the same pain, but the cat feels it worse than others.

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Well… unless I am missing something, my thoughts on the current patch is pretty much:

Actually, here is a bit of extended version that I had mostly typed out for Reddit:

First things first, incase any of you haven’t read it the new patch notes: Grim Dawn Version

Now, I know I am a bit late to the party. Only like an hour before making this post did I actually see the patch notes and hadn’t realized the new patch had dropped. So apologies for the late arrival.

Now, at the time of this post, I saw a decent number of people inquiring about pets and how they fare in the current patch. I cannot speak for the builds of others, but I can offer some insight into my own builds.

But before we get to that, pretty much all pet sets were rather harshly nerfed. Now I do remember having a conversation with Zantai on the forums and agreeing and even asking for less reliance on Sets for pet builds. Perhaps I wasn’t clear then or perhaps the devs had something else in mind, but I wasn’t asking for the “less reliance” to come in the way of nerfs…

Or atleast, not with nerfs alone. If the sets are getting nerfed and the intention was only to lessen the dependency on sets, then logically the base skills need to be buffed, yes? (or so I would assume).

But the only Pets that did get buffed according to the patch notes were Skeletons and Blightfiends. However, every set was nerfed. Perhaps Zantai forgot to add info regarding buffs on other pets. Perhaps they were simply tweaks to base stats that he felt didn’t warranty inclusion…

But from what I see right now, pretty much all my builds took a considerable hit. And mostly Fluffy Squishy. Will-O-Wisp and Ishtar should fare better for now. And if my assumptions are correct, Ishtar, my pet ritualist should be least effected by this. I can go ranting about this, but the TL:DR is I am not happy with what I have seen so far.

Now for Blightfiends, everyone who has played my builds know that I prefer to use them as Suicide bombs with Unstable Anomaly. That was gutted in the previous patch ( And the current patch has not addressed that particular issue.

The whole complaint about sets, atleast for me was regarding how important they were to the build’s performance. Making them weaker doesn’t change that and only ends up making the builds just as dependent, but weaker all the same.

And noting all that, this might be me jumping the gun a bit here, but I feel more inclined to simply not update the game rather than attempt to gather broken pieces and try to piece them together in vain.

Ofcourse, it is not all doom and gloom. Skeletons seem like they got buffed. However, since the design philosophy behind them remain the name (fragile horde based dps) and their weakness to AoE also remains the same, I am not particularly enthusiastic about them either.

So where does it leave me and my builds and everyone who has been following them? I sincerely hope that the base pet stats for All Pets got buffed considerably to compensate for this. Because if not, I might be pretty much saying my goodbyes to GrimDawn and the community, atleast as a build maker.

And it is not because of something like “my builds got nerfed, I am no longer going to play”… It is because this feels as if we have reached a point where I have no further builds I want to actually make and I can’t update my current ones to the quality I personally aspire to, before releasing to the community.

I can still maintain the guide and early game setups haven’t really changed. So the core concepts, leveling up etc remain the same. I will just have to remove the endgame variants from the guide and it will be up to date. I suppose I can finish the Solo Shaman part that I always wanted to work on, but kept putting off for later.

So, the Carnival will live on. But the likes of Fluffy Squishy might not. I rather let them die with their dignity than turn them into pale and broken shells of their former selves. Yes, a bit of dramatization, but the feelings behind those words are genuine.

The devs have been trying to rein in various builds to their standards and build makers have always been challenging them. But there comes a point when you simply lose steam and can no longer continue, especially if with step, things just get progressively worse and any suggestions get ignored in favour of doing the one thing no one asked for any everyone suffers because of.

Yes, this was also in part a rant and anything else you might wish to see it as. But the primary goal was to simply shed light on where I stand regarding all this and the current fate and possible future of my builds so that there are no misunderstandings.

Also, apologies if anyone feels that I am abandoning them and their hard work without even a warning. That is not my intention and I can still try to help with builds and such if needed. It is just I no longer feel confidence in my builds and can no longer find the vision to update them with.


Is this is a case of “my pet build can no longer do SR 170 so it is a ded shit build”? If you guys played something else than pets, I think you would have a more realistic view on this game :slight_smile:

Pets, even while doing high SR was never what the Screenshots showed.

I even made it clear while completing SR 120 for that Spreadsheet thing.

It shows the level clear, yes.

It doesn’t show how many deaths there were.
It doesn’t show how much the camera aggro mechanics were abused.
It doesn’t show how many times boss aggro had to be reset.
It doesn’t show how many consumables and potions were used.
It doesn’t show how many map resets had to be done to get favourable combinations of bosses & mutators.
It doesn’t show how many hours it took to slowly grind down the bosses.
It doesn’t show how many number of failures there were.

None of those Pet builds clearing SR 100+ were realistic scenarios. It is kind of like a Crucible build showing a 4min clear one out of 100 runs where the other 99 weren’t even able to complete Wave 170.

If we take out piloting skill, all the various variables etc and only look at what a particular build or build archetype has achieved at its height, even if it was a once in a blue moon kind of event, and then use that as metric for balance, I suppose the nerfs will make sense. But otherwise, atleast to me, they do not.

And this is not intended to be a comparison of Pets vs non-Pets, but a comparison of Pets before and after.


Yeah so now you can be prepared to play the game as we others do, that even SR75-76 can be challenging. Same with retaliation added to attack players, I read someone who said that if his rata warlord can not do SR 120 in this patch he/she will quit the game :slight_smile:

The best way to figure out if a build is ded or not, is to play it.

I have made my thoughts and my decisions clear.
Perhaps things seemed unfair to you before and fair now. But it is the opposite for me.


yeah you have been playing broken shit for years :smiley:

I can neither accept nor argue that position. But neither is it relevant to me stance on this.
But there is no use in forcing yourself to continue something if you no longer have any interest in doing so, yes?

There are still plenty of great pet builders and I see AlkamosHater making a rather good hybrid pet build and succeeding with it even. So, perhaps the design philosophy behind Pet builds themselves are due for a change and others are finding untapped potential there.

But this old dog is complaining that the tricks learned over the years no longer seem to be the crowd pleasers they once were.

Ofcourse, if Pets have been compensated enough that they still retain their former glory, then I can easily attribute my reaction arising due to lack of information and accept that I have been hasty. If not, I can simply stand by my words and leave it to others in the community and retire.


If you don’t think game is fun and challenging anymore, quit :slight_smile: You wont believe how many builds I’ve had that has been killed by the devs over the years. I am still around because I think game as so much to offer in terms of build creativity and diversity. Imagine if I quit when RoH and Inquisitors got “killed” a few years ago?

Considering that is essentially what I am announcing, not sure what your comment on pointing it out is supposed to achieve.


All I can say is I used current Fluffy Squishy build for testing SR patch and it did fine. Only got up to Shard 74, but the few deaths I had were my fault (all these years playing and still dying to standing in floor crap). Did occasionally need to resummon a pet, but not that often.


You have not even played the new patch. And if you think “game is not fun anymore bc my pet build can no longer do sr 200” is the “not fun anymore” then it just shows how spoiled pet players have been for years.