I have no way of obtaining relic blueprint with my 60+ character?

am i getting this right? have needed conflagration blueprint for a while now, but because i waited until 60+ to go after it i’m being punished by the vendors leveling past having it available? i’ve been tediously resetting vinelton for like 30mins and nothing, not a single relic blueprint of any kind so far

Because Vinelton doesn’t sell them? I’m pretty sure Hyram in Malmouth sells them, so you’ve wasted this time for nothing.

Can be sold by:

  • Agarrad (Port Valbury: High Town)
  • Vinelton (Feral Thicket)
  • Hyram (Steelcap District)

did this get patched out or something? what am i missing?

To be fair, I don’t know. All I remember is Vinelton selling blueprints for non-mythical sets and Badge of Mastery I believe? He also had some issues with his stock not being complete (e.g. he didn’t sell some MI’s that he should’ve) a couple of years ago.

Anyway, why don’t you try Hyram - he’s easier to reset?

vinelton has access to a different pool of blueprints, since it’s random each time he spawns there is a higher chance of him not spawning with the right relic blueprint you want
this is why Hyram is best for relic blueprints since that’s all he sells
and yes you can still get it as lvl 60

finally got it, what an awful grind

i still needed thelon’s head so i decided to just roll the dice on valbury, got lucky with both him and agarrad, only needed to reset him a handful of times