I just came back again for new contents and..

I’d like to know what are the major changes to the builds I knew? Like is Blood of Dreeg still a solid buff? Things like that? There are alot of changes in the patch notes, I don’t even know if those changes are great or greatly affected especially by the new devotions and class.

Also, I’d like to make a Sentinel since based on the skills, Oathkeeper can actually benefit from Occultist’s Acid and Vitality buff damage.

Could anyone just simply get me back on track on what’s good and bad now? Thank you!

I’m no expert at all but since no one has replied yet… I’ve read enough stuff to assure you that Blood of Dreeg is still excellent. for the rest I cannot answer.

Also, it would certainly help people to know when you stopped.

You could try to explain it to me, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people want to be told how to play a game instead of just figuring it out and playing the game themselves.

Acid Aegis /retal Sentiel is defenitely strong. Here is a budget version I made (not a complete build but will give you the rough idea) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR0aMO2

Because they lack the time and knowledge and patience. They just want to have a good time and get something to get them started with.

Have you figured out all builds and game mechanics on your own?

This is cool! I want to try this one out! Hopefully I’ll have enough time to actually farm these and try to make it from lvl 1 again! Thank you!

The set also exists in normal and empowered version

If you wanna know where yo get the items, just search for them on grim tools

Sure! I’ll do that once I get them altogether first! Then upgrade from there! Can’t wait to venture into the new map with a new setup for some fresh new experience! Thank you!

Not yet, but that’s the reason I play these games!

If you want no interaction with other players, stop posting here? :rolleyes:

For me the fun part is to share knowledge and experience.

Ok so are Legendary Items possible to be target farmed? Or is that just the Monster Infrequents? For example is it possible to farm Warborn Mace?

Well they did nerfed a thing for all common builds and those are the potions. Basically any useful oil/potion has been decreased in value.

Outside a couple of sets, there are no fixed legendary drops from bosses. So no sure way to get Warborn mace (sigh:cry:)