i just finished AoM ultimate with 88% aether resist and 18k hp

i wanted to make a clickbait title but have no idea how to do so, i hope this gets some attention…

Sorry if some things are unclear, english is not my first language :slight_smile:

Let me preface this that i’ve build this character to learn the game, damage isnt important, surviving and learning mechanics was. That’s exactly what this build did, clearing all content in a safe manner ( all of my resists are near the 90% mark btw) untill the expansion i have not died once on this character.

Fast forward to the expansion and my death counter is at 9 (abit more now since ive been farming the endboss to learn whats going on)
Now i don’t mind dieing at all, and some of those deaths were just me being a dick and not paying attention to anything (because frankly i’ve never had to on this build).

But the damage ramp up is out of control. I even saw a one shot at the end boss of 18k hp to 0 in a millisecond on character that has every resists well over the max you could normally get. It wasnt even a telegraphed attack and afaik i had no adds poking me.

I understand that u don’t want everyone to rush through the new expansion on their fully decked out characters they’ve been farming months with. Overtuning stuff is NOT the way to go. I wanted to level some more builds but i’m just too scared if my tanky character can’t survive that how is any other build gonna do against all of that? What about newer players (i consider myself quite new aswell) who don’t have any items whatsoever?

do you expect them to farm for months (or trade for days, whatever suits you more) just to finish the boss from the xpac?

This is somewhat a rant but more a concern for the health of the game, i’m fine with content that destroys my build that hasnt been destroyed by anything so far, i really am. Maybe i’ll go back to the drawing table and see if i can up my defenses even more so every boss kill takes three hours cuz i have no damage. Actually up for that. that’s why i’ve made the build.

But content that does this to you will pidgeonhole the game in a very few select builds that can handle it and the rest is good for finishing veteran.

Many ARPG’s suffer from that exact problem. Please don’t let grim dawn become one of them.

Then what was it? Which enemy?

Oops sorry it was on the end boss :slight_smile: i’d name him but i’ll avoid spoilers i guess :slight_smile:

Post your Grimtools. Besides resists and hp there are tonns of things that matter when fighting hard hitting bosses.

for some reason when i try to import my character to that database it says i can’t upload modded characters. I have no idea why it would think that since i’ve never used mods on this game.

but i have 2.5k DA
2.1k armor
12% dodge
and 35% physical resist.
i also have 13% life leech (which doesnt really help when u get one shot :D)

The end boss got an attack that gonna kill you if you stay close. I know I got all resist Maxed 12k HP. Survived the first one (Thanks 3 seconds Mirror) the second one killed me from Full HP with Blast Shield activated.

I’m pretty damn sure it is that AoE white balls. They move away from him and then come back to him. If you are in Melee Range when they come back you gonna get hit by like 50 of them and say Hello to the last town you actually used.

No i’m not talking about the bullet hell super mega telegraphed attack, if that was the cause, this post wouldnt have existed.