I know DoTs from the same skill don't stack. But for the blight fiend, does its other abilities count as a different source?

I’m basically just wondering if the blight fiend’s melee attack, puke attack, and poison nova all stack. Or if the blightfiend - as an overall skill - can only have one up at a time. If the attack, puke and nova all stack - this means BF kinda triple dips in poison damage bonuses no?

Yes, it works that way.

Moreover if you have more than one pet of the same type then DoTs from individual pets should stack as well, unless pets are doing that damage via aura (Rotting Fumes is an aura IIRC but not sure). Devotion procs with DoT bound to pets will stack as well if procced by different pets.

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Does all these BF abilities have weapon damage to benefit from +Poison Damage? I don’t know pets.
Also it’s the same for main character yet we don’t say that it’s triple dipping :slight_smile:

But I understand what you mean - no ‘normal’ skills can achieve that I guess.
Player scaled pets could if they had weapon damage so just their native dots stack.

If it’s bonuses to all pets on the item then I think yeah, it would apply as flat damage bonus to pet attacks and through pet’s WD will apply to skills. But similar to players that flat damage bonus won’t multiply by the number pet’s skills.

If it’s a flat damage item modifier for the pet skill then afaik it depends on order in the pet’s “skill tree”, and which parts “double dip” strictly speaking requires testing.

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Hmmm, I thought there’s no flat poison modifier to BF skill and assumed loose flat bonus but there’s one and only one item with it:
Ghol’s Mark
also some Bleeding ones, probably best for testing.

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