I like this Forum :D Nothing much to see here folks!

Been quite some fun. Really clever lads around figuring out how to make builds that can kill enemies so hard they won’t volunteerly respawn.
This is obviously just a random little thread for talking, not much. It’s a nice day outside. Maybe a bit hot. Time to talk about the least boring topic: MATH! Look at this equation: -x+sqrt1−x2-=sqrt2(2x2−1) Super simple am I rite? Totally didn’t searched for random math equations that I can’t solve myself, or understand in the first place. Oh boi, some person posted bad stuff about the devs, go get em! Okay… perfect, I bet I scared all the devs away by now. Especially since this is an unedited brick of text. If you read this far, then you’ve got guts (or are extremely bored. Exactly what I need! This Quest has top priority. My infiltrators gathered information about Medierra’s secret stash. We’ll have to get into his basement, search a way through the living quarters and hope that randomly placed rocks won’t hinder our movement and force us to question the map. You read this far, so I guess you are at least lvl. 90 mentally. But I hope you have a lot of resistances! 80% in everything, or more! We also need a dervish for dps. There might be a nemesis cat/dog/Iron maiden. The infiltrators couldn’t get so far, but that’s ok as long as we put RR on that nemesis. If we make it past then we’re in for a treat! At least 3 glorious chests await us. And if my informants are correct, we might find the unique legendary “Medierras missing hair” Which will give a +2 in all skills for soldier, +250% STYLE and enables AAR dual wield! And after that we will raid Zantai’s fort. Getting his two handed banhammer will give us -26% additional forum RR! A must have for our builds! The forum will be ours! And thanks for reading this, I have quite a lot of free time :slight_smile:

Forum RR ? You mean like sentences and paragraphs or at least some white space. Fuck level 90, I feel like level 1000 after reading that.

Good Nyborg!

Good to see your level increase person with hopefully two masteries!
But yeah, I don’t get your question/joke (Can’t even tell if it was serious or contributing to the fun talk :'D Sorry).
Just to be sure, RR means resist reduction, and I just wanted that item to lower the forum resistence :wink:

Forum resistance is futile.You will be assimilated by the Borg!

I wonder if I can bribe you with x3 scrap?